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Caribbean wildlife and sea life in the Bahamas and Out Islands - including theExumas, Berry islands and the Abacos islands

Wildlife on and marine life around the Bahamas Islands archipelago is pretty varied… it even includes wild pigs that swim. There is also a wide variety of fascinating birds – they range from barn owls and flamingos, to the endangered parrot and West Indian Whistling Duck


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Wild pigs in the Exumas
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Linda Jackson

Bahamas wild animals

Would you believe there are wild pigs that swim in the Out Islands of the Bahamas? They swim out to the boats in the hope of getting some tasty titbits. There are Hutias (rodent family), wild horses (Abaco), land crabs, bats, and the rocky racoon.

Iguana, lizards, snakes and frogs in the Bahamas

There are snakes in the Bahamas, but none of them are poisonous. Snakes include the Bahamian boa and viper. There are also iguanas on some of the islands, geckos, lizards, frogs, cicadas and crickets.

Birds in the Bahamas

There is a wide variety of fascinating birds in the Bahamas, some of them are endangered - such as the West Indian whistling duck and the visiting piping plover.

Other birds include: Bahamian parrot, Roseate spoonbill, flamingo, heron, reddish egret, cormorant, pelican, mocking bird, smooth billed Ani, warbler, white crowned pigeon, red-legged thrush, barn owl (New Providence), black-faced grassquit, night hawk, painted bunting, indigo bunting, fly catcher, bananaquit, humming bird, king bird, stripe-headed Tanager, cuckoo, birds of prey, frigate bird, kingfisher, rail, tropicbird, water fowl, osprey and fish hawk, visiting piping plover.

Bahamas marine life - sea life around the Bahamas

Sea life around the Bahamas and Out Islands includes frogfish, angelfish, Manatees, sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, bonefish, stingrays, blind cave fish, colourful reef fish, spotted eagle rays, sea turtles, dolphins, grouper, snapper, conch...

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