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Cuba adventure and activities at a glance

A Cuba adventure offers a lot more than just vintage cars, salsa dancing, fat cigars and the music of the Buena Vista Social Club… Wondering exactly what a Cuba adventure could offer?

Some adventure activities and things you can enjoy in the country include Scuba diving, barracuda diving, snorkelling, eco-tourism, nature trails and hiking routes. There are over 100 hiking and nature trails spread over a range of landscapes.

In addition there’s birdwatching, horseback riding, biking, spelunking and nature photography. Go mountain climbing, windsurfing, and mountain trekking to explore Castro’s revolutionary base.

There are wild animal preserves, rainforests, National Parks, sailing and cruising as well as game bird hunting and sports fishing.

There is an aquarium, a dolphinarium, and jeep tours that include a visit to caves – alternatively go on a guided walking tour through the cave chambers. Check out the Cuba wildlife and marine life too.

There is also a huge array of flora and Cuba wildlife and unspoiled eco-systems, as well as excellent dive sites in Cuba, and a number of UNESCO biosphere and ecological reserves and parks.

You can go on a seafari excursion (picnic, fishing, beaches), a farm party, a rumba Saturday, history & culture tours, architectural walking tours, and take a guided nature centre tour to experience the rich bird life of Cuba.

Also you can have a game of golf, tour a working tobacco plantation, and cruise through Havana streets in a vintage car. You can even enrol on a Cuba learning holiday and take dancing lessons or learn Spanish, or sign up for a summer or winter course on ballet, Cubadanza or Folkcuba.

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Cuba adventure activities travel guide
Cuba adventure activities travel guide
Cuba adventure activities travel guide
Cuba adventure activities travel guide
Cuba adventure activities travel guide
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