Antigua Barbuda adventure activities

Antigua Barbuda Adventure Activities

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Antigua Barbuda adventure activities at a glance

Antigua things to do

You’ll find plenty of Antigua Barbuda adventure activities and sports to keep you occupied. In Antigua you can go mountain biking/cycling, birdwatching and deep sea fishing. There’s diving, golf, hiking, horseback riding and kayaking in mangroves. Try kite surfing or go on a rainforest canopy zipline tour. Go sailing, scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing and swimming with stingrays. For something different go in a SubCat submarine, on an eco tour (a combination of kayaking, snorkelling, power, boating and hiking adventure), or a mangrove boardwalk. Take a Safari Jeep tour, a catamaran cruise or go on a snorkelling trip to reefs. There is a golf course, you can charter a yacht and take a helicopter tour around the island.

Effect of Hurricane Irma – Barbuda things to do

Barbuda remains evacuated after Hurricane Irma hit the island on 6 September 2017. Before visiting Antigua & Barbuda check out the latest Antigua & Barbuda travel advice.

Prior to hurricane Maria: Adventure activities in Barbuda are limited, but you can go birdwatching, snorkelling, diving, sport fishing, bone fishing (Codrington Lagoon) and even hunting (deer, boar and game fowl hunting – licenses/gun permits required)

Antigua Barbuda adventure activities – wildlife and marine life

The main wildlife attraction in Antigua and Barbuda is the Frigate Bird Sanctuary on the island of Barbuda. It hosts more than 5,000 frigate birds. The sugar barons of years gone by and the introduction of mongooses to the islands had a devastating effect on the wildlife in Antigua. Go to the Antigua and Barbuda wildlife and marine life section to read more about the islands’ wildlife and marine life.

About Antigua & Barbuda

The twin island nation of Antigua and Barbuda is located in the Leeward Islands of the Eastern Caribbean. Being a popular port of call for cruise ships in the Caribbean, and on the receiving end of an increasing number of visitors wanting active holidays in the Caribbean offering more than just beach, boat or shopping tour options, Antigua offers a wide range of sporting activities. The size of Antigua is around 108 square miles: the southwest is hilly rising to around 1,320ft. The rest of the island has a gentle undulating dryland scrub landscape. But with 365 beaches and sheltered bays you’ll find an abundance of water-based sports on Antigua. The twin islands are like chalk and cheese. Barbuda is a small flat coral island, just 145ft at its highest point and only 62 square miles, and can be reached by air or ferry from Antigua. The isolated island is famous for its pink sand, and for the Frigate bird sanctuary there.

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Antigua adventure activities Barbuda things to do
Antigua adventure activities Barbuda things to do
Antigua adventure activities Barbuda things to do
Antigua adventure activities Barbuda things to do
Antigua adventure activities Barbuda things to do
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