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In this section you’ll find any Aruba travel articles and features dedicated to the island that we have published to date. Dedicated Aruba travel articles and features cover a variety of topics and activities.

Aruba travel articles and features

As well as any Aruba travel adventure articles and features published, and listed below, do check out the main Caribbean Articles section where you will find wide-ranging travel features and articles about other Caribbean countries, listed by month and by destination.

Check out the Aruba travel articles and features below to discover more about this Caribbean destination.

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Aruba articles and features article about paddleboarding

Walking on water

Walking on water is one of the latest phenomena to sweep the sport-mad beaches of the Caribbean island of Aruba. Just about any activity involveing the azure…
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Aruba articles and feature about golf

A beguiling mix

This hospitable island is a beguiling mix of cultures and landscapes. About 80 different nationalities live harmoniously in this former Dutch colony, where…
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About Aruba

Sitting just fifteen miles off the South American coast, the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba boasts miles of white sand and turquoise water, but has a desert-like interior featuring sand dunes, huge granite boulders (Ayo and Casibari rock formations), and Mondis (forests of cacti). The island is mainly flat, and while the south coast is graced with white sandy beaches, the north coast has to contend with tempestuous seas that crash against the rugged coastline. Lizards abound on the island as do Aruba’s famous trees – the Divi Divi, or watapana tree. Aruba is a windsurfing and kitesurfing hotspot and a great all-rounder destination for a family Caribbean adventure vacation and active holiday.

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