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On this page discover Barbados travel articles and features on a variety of topics, and book Barbados tours, excursions, adventures and activities
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In this section you’ll find all Barbados travel articles and features dedicated to the island that we have published to date. Dedicated Barbados travel articles and features cover a variety of topics and activities. Check out the Barbados travel articles and features below to discover more about this Caribbean destination.

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Barbados historic houses article - Active Caribbean articles features

Housebound in Barbados

Dragging myself away from the comfort of a Barbados luxury hotel is hard to do. Leaving behind the idyllic beach and sea is even harder. But I’m house bound…
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Caribbean singing vacations Mike King Barbados singing holidays

Singing the praises of Barbados

Barbados is a big hit with VIPs and celebrities. Little did I realise that there are interesting alternatives meanings to “big hit” and “singing the praises of Barbados”…
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Barbados polo horse racing article - Active Caribbean articles features

Barbados Sports Tourism

Horses have long been a vital part of everyday life in Barbados and today they play an important role in sport tourism which is becoming a major industry…
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Barbados travel articles and features

As well as any Barbados travel articles and features published, do check out the main Caribbean Articles section where you will find wide-ranging travel features and articles about other Caribbean countries, listed by month as well as by destination.

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