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One of the world’s largest coral reef systems, outstanding Maya temples and diverse wildlife are hundreds of reasons to visit Belize

Written by Travel Writer & Editor Linda Jackson

Nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, archaeology buffs, diving fanatics, and adventure seekers undoubtedly need to add ‘Visit Belize’ to their bucket lists. Belize is the only English speaking country in Central America and is not a mass tourism market. Over 60% of the country is forested.

Not only does the country have important mangrove ecosystems in the country, but also more than 400 islands. In addition, the Belize Barrier Reef stretches down the coast for around 190 miles – it is part of one of the world’s largest coral reef systems. As well as the largest cave systems in Central America, Belize is also blessed with outstanding Maya temples and palaces.

Planning to visit Belize

Anyone planning to visit Belize should note that the wettest months are from June to December, the drier season being from January to April. The south of the country is home to the Maya lower mountain range. In the north, which is swampy and generally flat, you’ll find coastal plains and some dense rainforests here and there.

Visit Belize to discover the adventurer in you

The country boasts a rich variety of fauna and flora – both terrestrial and marine – as well as some of the best adventures and activities in the Caribbean. There are several annual marlin tournaments so, any keen anglers reading this, why not visit Belize for a fishing holiday with a difference.

Want a BIG adventure when you visit Belize? With whitewater kayaking as well as kayak rolling, plus jungle hiking, ziplining, horseback riding, mountain biking and world-class diving sites, just visit Belize to test your courage and find out if the country can match, or surpass, the adventurer in you!

If you’re not an adrenaline junkie, no worries, for a less-demanding Belize adventure you’ll find diverse Belize wildlife exciting… think howler monkeys, Jaguar, opossum, nine-banded Armadillo and lots more. As for birdwatching, it’s great, with nearly 600 bird species having been recorded – so, there you have it, hundreds of reasons for birding enthusiasts to visit Belize.

For archaeology buffs and historians there are spectacular Maya temples and ruins to discover when you visit Belize. Visit Altun Ha or Lamanai in Northern Belize, or Caracol, El Pilar, and Xunantunich in the Cayo District and Western Belize.

Belize cuisine

The cuisine in Belize is a real melting pot of Mexican, Spanish and Caribbean, but with a Mayan twist. Seafood is plentiful and tropical fruits abundant. Favourite titbits are conch fritters, and black gumbo is a favourite stew. Expect rice, beans and spicy sauce with every meal.

Accommodation to expect when you visit Belize

Belize hotels and accommodation ranges from basic guest houses, hostels, B&B’s and thatch roofed cabanas, to a luxury plantation house set in manicured gardens, and a private island retreat. Although there is a good range of accommodation to choose from in the main tourist areas, it is more limited away from them.


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