Caribbean money saving travel tips

7 money-saving tips for long-term travellers

Article written by Jessica Pierce

Money saving tips for long-term travellers – Caribbean money saving travel tips

It’s completely understandable that money is the main concern for many travellers heading away for a long-term trip. However, there are plenty of tried and tested ways to save yourself money whilst holidaying – just seven tips to ease your mind in regard to costs.

Get a prepaid travel card

Caribbean money saving travel tips

One of the most effective ways to prevent overspending whilst on holiday is to get yourself a prepaid travel card before you even go. Prepaid travel cards work in the exact same way credit and debit cards do once you’re travelling, however you’re able to lock in the best exchange rate that won’t be changed by any future fluctuations.

If you have trouble limiting yourself in terms of money whilst holidaying, a prepaid card is a great idea. As an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about carrying around too much converted cash.

Work whilst abroad

Why not pick up a few shifts whilst travelling? Whether it be teaching English in local schools or becoming an instructor, there are plenty of roles open to tourists looking to make a bit of money on their travels.

One of the best ways to keep it coming in whilst holidaying is by blogging. It may seem unlikely you’ll get any kind of income worth bragging about, but many travellers rely on their websites to fund their trips – it’s definitely a potential thing to look into.

Create a daily budget for yourself

The Secret Traveller recommends it as an essential for long-term travellers – If you’re having trouble working out just how much money to allocate to certain parts of your trip, make yourself a daily budget to restrict any potential overspending. A daily budget will clearly outline how much you can realistically spend on things such as accommodation, food and leisure.

When you outline your budget, however, make sure you’re leaving some money aside for those pesky unexpected fees that may arise. Whether it’s baggage costs, tips in restaurants or an unplanned taxi trip, there’s always a risk of being faced with paying up for something you didn’t plan for.

Stay in hostels

Caribbean money saving travel tips

If you’re trying to cut the costs, it’s likely you won’t be able to stay in any luxurious accommodation during your trip. It’s not all bad, though – opt to stay in a hostel instead. And drop your misconceptions, as hostels nowadays are usually always clean, comfortable and accommodating, not to mention the cheapest option.

Hostels also provide the perfect opportunity for you to make some new friends, perfect for the solo traveller. If you’re seeking a like-minded partner to continue your journey with, a hostel is your best bet at finding them.

Fly overnight

Another clever tip to save money whilst travelling comes down to the times you choose to fly. Peak times will lead to sometimes extortionate costs when booking your flights, so opt for the more unsociable hours instead. Sure, you’ll be sacrificing sleep, but it’s worth it when you realise just how much money you could potentially save.

Book in advance

If there are certain activities you want to take part in or places you’re wishing to visit, book in advance to seize the best prices and perhaps find the perfect deals to cut costs. Paying on the door for certain things may set you back much more than if you book online beforehand, as you’re more likely to be able to find ways to get it cheaper.

Avoid scams and employ haggling

Caribbean money saving travel tips

And, of course, you cannot possibly go travelling without mastering the art of haggling. Often in certain countries, particularly in Southeast Asia and South America, tourists will fall victim to hikes in prices as vendors try to take advantage. Look out for marketplaces and in taxis, two of the most common offenders at raising their prices.

If you notice a price that seems significantly higher than what you had expected, don’t settle for it. Instead, try your hand at a haggle. Remain approachable and calm, and don’t get frustrated or angry at the person you’re negotiating with – many vendors will not appreciate a bad mood, making the deal a lot more difficult.

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