Caribbean honeymoon hotspot

Will Prince Harry revisit this luxury Jamaica hotel and take Meghan there for their Caribbean honeymoon?

 Article written by Travel Writer Linda Jackson

Choosing an exotic Caribbean honeymoon destination

Choosing something from the menu at Half Moon Resort – a Jamaica luxury hotel in Montego Bay – has never been so difficult. It’s the biggest dilemma on my mega chill-out in the Caribbean but, after all, I am in Jamaica so a sexy and exotic melting pot is only to be expected. So… which item from the menu should I choose? One that is rich in coffee and coconut, or one made with a blend of sugar and allspice perhaps. A concoction of Jamaican herbs and ground Cerasee, or a melange of freshly picked herbs, roots, leaves and fruit both look appetising too, while the coconut and oat milk blend with calendula and comfrey is, I admit, beyond my comprehension.

Luxury Caribbean honeymoon hotspot

Being a bit of a foodie, it makes a change to have a Spa menu in my hand rather than a restaurant menu, but eventually the thought of my body being spritzed with a Jamaican Rum Splash does it for me. I succumb to one of the hotel’s Signature treatments at the Fern Tree Spa at Half Moon – a gorgeous exclusive resort which sits on a crescent-shaped beach on the north coast of Jamaica, and a hotel honoured by Royalty no less. Prince Harry managed a sneaky holiday here a few years back and I can’t help but wonder if he’s going to return with his Princess, Meghan, there for a luxury Caribbean honeymoon.

Jamaica romantic resort

Arriving early evening at the Jamaica luxury resort Half Moon, Rose Hall, is enchanting – the sun is setting painting the sea and sky with hues of orange, hundreds of twinkling fairly lights are twisted through the spreading branches of fragrant almond trees, candlelit tables are set ready for dinner on the terrace beside the beach, and I can hear the barman at the Cedar Bar preparing exotic cocktails. I can’t resist:  first a ‘Coco Amore’, followed by the ‘Half Moon’s Magic’ – two scrummy rum cocktails. I’m already liking Half Moon a lot – the chic hotel has old world charm but with all mod cons, a variety of elegant rooms, suites, cottages and private villas, numerous restaurants, a luxury Spa, an 18-hole signature golf course, equestrian centre, fitness centre, tennis and squash courts, dolphin lagoon… and lots more.

Luxury Jamaica spa hotel

Thoughts of doing anything active drift readily from my mind when I arrive at the Fern Tree Spa and experience the welcome Signature treatment ritual of a warm footbath of calming Jamaican Cerassee (a Jamaican bush tea). I’m sitting on a veranda that overlooks the Spa’s secluded gardens as my therapist gently washes my feet. All I need now, I’m thinking Colonial-style, is someone standing in the corner swishing a banana tree frond to provide a cooling breeze for my Caribbean tanned brow.

Hot water is infused with Cerassee leaves – apparently it has a calming relaxing effect and helps with detoxification – and throughout the massage an Essential Oil blend of ginger, orange and allspice is used together with various massage techniques such as Thai stretches and Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi (for their healing benefits). Finally, to uplift and energise, my body is spritzed with a Jamaican rum splash, and to finish my 80 minutes of bliss, my feet are wiped with a nutmeg oil-infused hot towel. If only I was on my Caribbean honeymoon, this could (I’m thinking) work wonders.

Jamaica yoga hotel

Ancient remedies using indigenous herbs, fruits and plants are blended with modern spa techniques administered in treatment rooms set amid the tranquil gardens and, to add a touch of romance, couples can also enjoy treatments together in a seaside cabana with opening sides on a pier overlooking the Caribbean Sea. There’s a yoga pavilion, steam rooms, sauna and a meditation labyrinth at the Spa as well as a Spa Elder incidentally, who’ll sort out your body, mind and spirit – no problem.

Other Spa temptations at this Jamaica luxury resort include a Caribbean Sea cocoon, heated seashell or lava stone massages, a Jamaican bush bath, coffee coconut or Jamaican allspice sugar scrubs, and coconut milk and honey or soothing aloe and lavender wraps. To say the Fern Tree Spa at Half Moon gives you a taste of the Caribbean is putting it mildly… it’s positively a banquet.

Seductive Jamaica

After a few days and several visits to the Fern Tree Spa, a blissful magnet, it makes a change to have a restaurant menu in my hand rather than a Spa menu but, regrettably for my waistline, the cuisine at Half Moon is as irresistible as the pampering Spa treatments. At this point I am just hoping that the exotic local Spa treatments I’ve succumbed to will make my body every bit as seductive as the Chef’s lobster creations. Miracles happen… hopefully at Half Moon – not only for me, but maybe also for Prince Harry and Meghan if they do choose Jamaica for their Caribbean honeymoon hotspot.

[January 2018]

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