US Virgin Islands Honeymoon Article

Choose a ‘hot’ Caribbean destination & chill out on a US Virgin Islands honeymoon (USVI)

US Virgin Islands honeymoon article written by Travel Writer Linda Jackson, Editor Active Caribbean

US Virgin Islands honeymoon article for brides-to-be

In this US Virgin Islands honeymoon article we look at the islands of the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) so hope it will help you choose on which island you will take your very special holiday. A hop and a skip is all it takes to reach the beautiful Caribbean Virgin Islands from the glorious Gold Coast of mainland southern USA. So, whether you live in the USA or you’re crossing the Atlantic from Europe for your honeymoon, why not make the journey really worthwhile and roll out the red carpet for a two- or maybe three-in-one Caribbean honeymoon.

The Caribbean is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world so if you are planning to totally chill out on a lush tropical island for your honeymoon, just head straight for the West Indies. Can you just feel that soft white sand running through your fingers, your toes dipping in lukewarm crystal clear waters, and gentle trade winds gently brushing towering palms that line enchanting beaches?  Not beyond your imagination?  Well then… let’s rock and roll.

St Thomas for your US Virgin Islands honeymoon

Can you imagine how cool it would be to enjoy a Caribbean honeymoon on not just one, but two or even three of the US Virgin Islands on one vacation – each of the main USVI islands of St Thomas, St John and St Croix have their own character.

The capital of St Thomas, Charlotte Amalie, is a bustling town and popular port-of-call for mega-cruise ships. St John is tiny, and laid back in true Caribbean style, and the nature island of St Croix boasts interesting architecture that can tell many a tale. Although duty-free shopping is one of the highlights of the lively mountainous island of St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands – a cluster of islands located 40 miles east of Puerto Rico between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea – it’s also a Caribbean honeymoon hotspot and renowned for its crystal-clear waters, secluded coves, palm-fringed white sand beaches, and awesome views. Quaint Charlotte Amalie in St Thomas, the scenic capital of the United States Virgin Islands (USVI), with its deep water harbour and visiting mega cruise ships, is not only a duty-free shopping Mecca but it boasts trendy and sophisticated restaurants too.

For an especially romantic venue at night, head for the highly-acclaimed ‘Room with a View’ restaurant, it’s a fantastic place to dine with someone very special and the panoramic views are spectacular, day and night. Ride high at Paradise Point – 700 feet high in fact – on the Caribbean’s only ski lift for a spectacular view of the harbour and to see the “best sunset view in Paradise”. Get yourself a banana daiquiri at the top, they’re lush.

Take a dip off one of the world’s most beautiful beaches – heart-shaped Magens Bay – and, for that special honeymoon hotel try The Ritz Carlton which is tucked away in a 30-acre beachfront estate with bubbling fountains and hidden courtyards. The Ritz Carlton in St Thomas overlooks white sand beaches and the turquoise-blue waters of the Great Bay Marine Reserve on the eastern tip of the island – in the distance the lush green hills of St John and the glistening blue of the Caribbean Sea can be seen.

US Virgin Islands honeymoon in St John, USVI

A mere twenty minute ferry ride away from St Thomas is the island of St John – a favourite Caribbean island choice for honeymooners – the quietest, smallest and most enchanting of the US Virgin Islands where stunning beaches rim the shoreline and over half the island’s 21 square miles are under the protection of the Virgin Islands National Park.

With quaint shops and narrow streets in the colourful little town of Cruz Bay, a host of nature and hiking trails on the island, outstanding snorkelling and diving in crystalline water, as well as beautiful pristine beaches, the island is a real ‘Treasure Island’ and oh-so-romantic for a honeymoonin the Caribbean.

Hire a car in St John and explore the north shore’s beautiful beaches – Honeymoon, Hawksnest, Cinnamon, Maho, and also Trunk Bay with its fascinating underwater snorkel trail. The exclusive Caneel Bay resort offers casual luxury accommodation and seven secluded white-sand beaches to chill out on and luxury low-key accommodation.

US Virgin Islands honeymoon in St Croix

St Croix, the biggest of the USVI islands, is different again to both St John and St Thomas. Hire a car to explore the island of St Croix but keep a lookout for pot holes; it’s quite a rugged island, hilly at the eastern and northern ends, and Frederiksted is a particularly quaint town with a number of interesting historic buildings.

With warm waters there are lots of watersports to choose from in St Croix. For some fab snorkelling in crystal clear waters and over extensive coral reefs take a trip (half day or full day) to uninhabited Buck Island, it’s gorgeous. Talking of gorgeous, so are the views of sea and mountains from The Buccaneer – a super family owned resort and as featured on ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’. Think intimate retreat, marble baths, whirlpool tubs in some rooms, spa, tennis, and a romantic sunset stroll hand-in-hand on the beach…


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