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Do you know what Bonaire adventures you can try on this Caribbean island? And did you know that the Caribbean island of Bonaire is a Mecca for diving and watersports – especially kitesurfing and windsurfing? The island offers a range of adventure travel, vacation adventures and holiday activities… and also plays a leading role in nature preservation?

Bonaire offers spectacular diving as the island is ringed with off-shore reefs. Explore the pristine mangrove system by kayak, go and see the flamingo viewing lake up north, and visit the National Park to see the island’s flora and fauna. There are plenty of places to eat out by the sea too – fish bars, barbecue eateries, beach bars, cafes, grills and bakeries.

As well as the Bonaire adventures, activities and things to do which are listed in the Bonaire Adventures & Activities section of our website, you can find out more about Bonaire wildlife, Bonaire Carnival, festivals and events, and a description of the type of Bonaire hotels and accommodation offered on the island. There is also a Bonaire travel articles section too.

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