Caribbean travel advice & tips

Keep safe – read our tips and Caribbean travel advice before you go

If you’re visiting the region soon you might find our Caribbean travel advice and travel tips of interest – you can check them out in the Active Caribbean website section DISCOVER which also contains information on Caribbean carnivals, Caribbean Tourism Contacts, travel gear and accessories, as well as a map of the Caribbean.

Make sure you take mosquito repellent for your skin, eletric vapour plug for your room and insect bite soothing cream. Watch out for irritating sand flies on some beaches. Mosquitos carry a number of diseases, including malaria, dengue and Zika fever – so protect yourself. Non-essential travel by pregnant women should be postponed to regions in the Caribbean and Central America actively affected by the Zika virus. Women should also avoid becoming pregnant during their travels to the affected regions. Check your own Government’s travel advice before you go for health and safety reasons.

Did you know that camouflage-patterned clothing is an offence to wear on a number of islands? Or that you shouldn’t stand under the Manchineel trees when it rains? They are one of the most poisonous trees in the world. There a more snippets of useful information on the Caribbean travel advice page so take a few minutes to read it.

Read the Active Caribbean travel advice and travel tips before your holiday