Active Caribbean A-Z of Caribbean Heritage Book Review

Caribbean Heritage book review – about the natural and historic heritage of the Caribbean. Book written by Brian Doyle

Published by Macmillan Caribbean, Macmillan Publishers Limited

A-Z Caribbean Heritage book review, Active Caribbean book reviewsIt was only when we were doing this A-Z of Caribbean Heritage book review that we realised just what an informative little gem the reference book is. Providing an invaluable and entertaining source of information to the Caribbean region, this book’s pages are stuffed full with information on the cultural, social, political, economic, geographic, natural and historic heritage of the entire region.

Want to know biographical details of famous West Indians? Well, here they are… the book is a Who’s Who of the Caribbean. Want to read some snippets about Caribbean trees, fruit, lizards, islands, West Indian whistling ducks, black olives, or the black power revolt in Trinidad… You’ll find it all in the A-Z of Caribbean Heritage which Active Caribbean reckons is a fascinating and comprehensive reference book and guide to the whole region.

Throughout the book, entries are in letter-by-letter alphabetical order and there are several maps dotted through the book. The A-Z of Caribbean Heritage captures your attention quickly with its little snippets of information so reading the book from start to finish, straight through from A to Z, wouldn’t go amiss. Topics vary so much, you just can’t get bored. Starting with ‘A’, for example, there is information on Carl Abrahams, the Jamaican painter (a pioneer of Jamaican art) then a description of the Ackee evergreen tree which has poisonous fruit when not fully ripe, but a popular traditional Jamaican dish when it’s ripe and served with salt fish. You will learn out about the African tulip tree and discover facts about the agouti – a rabbit-sized rodent that looks like a large long-legged guinea-pig.

Did you know that the predatory barracuda fish can grow up to 6ft in length, that the black-eyed pea vine bears large violet flowers before producing the seeds that are used in the famous Caribbean rice and peas dish, and that the cha-cha-cha was created by a Cuban dance band while they were touring the USA in the 1950’s?

There is a list of the Caribbean islands’ national birds and colour pictures of the national flags, as well as national anthem titles, the names of islands’ national flowers and national trees. Read about the acute yellow fever disease, the Yucatán Peninsula, the Zion revival, the zombie, and the zouk. Yes, we do LIKE this book a lot. We like all the interesting facts which you can fill your head with, and the little snippets of information with which you can entertain your brain.

Update on this A-Z of Caribbean Heritage book review

This book seems to be currently out of print, but books are often updated – some are not – so if you are thinking of buying a copy of this A-Z of Caribbean Heritage book, check out exactly what Caribbean islands are covered in this A-Z series.

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