Active Caribbean book review of “Birds of Trinidad and Tobago” – Trinidad Tobago birds book review

A guide to the birds of Trinidad and Tobago – text by Richard ffrench, photographs by Roger Neckles

Published by Macmillan Caribbean Natural History

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This is an excellent Trinidad Tobago birds book for birdwatching in the Caribbean. It features around 106 species of birds from Trinidad and Tobago – 40 of which you’ll also find  in the Eastern Caribbean. Each species is illustrated by a colour photograph. All colour photographs have been provided by leading wildlife photographer Roger Neckles who is also a keen birdwatcher.

Within the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago you’ll discover the basic facts about the local birds, their relationship to the birds of the other islands, about their migration, habitats and ecology. Advice is given as to how to watch birds, what equipment you will need, how to photograph them, and their conservation. There are just a couple of paragraphs on each species but they are well written and contain interesting snippets about the birds’ habits and character. There is also information about flocking, diet, breeding, sleep and feathers.

Maps and advice on where you can see birds in Trinidad and Tobago is divided into eight groups in all: gardens and parks, open country and scrubland; cultivated land with large trees; the rainforest; swamps, marshes and reservoirs; along the coastline; in the air, and at night.

It’s quite a detailed book… giving information of voice, habitat and range, diet, habits, roosting/nesting, and unusual behaviour aspects. For anyone interested in natural history, particularly birds, Trinidad and Tobago presents a great opportunity. With Trinidad being just ten miles from the coastland of South America you’ll find similar flora and fauna on the island.

This informative book is written in an uncomplicated style, and is an interesting guide for both amateur birdwatchers and more serious ornitholigists. Keen on birdwatching in the Caribbean? Then you’ll LIKE this guide to the birds of Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad Tobago birds book review – “Birds of Trinidad and Tobago” extra info

Number of pages = 126
Book measurements = 5.4 inches x 8.4 inches

Caribbean books are regularly updated, so if you are thinking of buying a copy of the ‘Birds of Trinidad and Tobago’ do make sure you purchase the latest edition.

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