Active Caribbean British Virgin Islands book review – a guide to the British Virgin Islands

This British Virgin Islands book is about the Sheltered Isles of Sea and Sun – written by Claudia Colli

Published by Macmillan Caribbean, a division of Macmillan Publishers Limited

 british virgin islands book reviewOur conclusion after doing this British Virgin Islands book review, is that this guidebook to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a handy reference tool for both visitors and potential residents.

In this 152-page BVI travel book published by Macmillan Caribbean you’ll find a geographical and historical introduction to the British Virgin Islands as well as a paragraph/section on the people and heritage, the foods of the BVI, music, festivals, sports and plenty more.

The ‘Where to go and what to see’ section is invaluable if you’re paying a fleeting visit to the BVI, while the medical matters, permits, fees and taxes sections are useful if you’re thinking of staying.

There is a useful Practical Information section covering everything from the weather to permits, fees and taxes; an arts, crafts and traditional industries section; an underwater kingdom section as well as several pages on the animals and birds of the BVI.

Succulent and aromatic tropical fruits are featured and – of course – ways of keeping active on the island… things to do on land and sea.

The BVI’s diverse national parks are covered as well as information on visiting Virgin Gorda and the other islands in the BVI archipelago.

It’s an interesting read throughout – whether you’re planning to take a holiday in the BVI or are just interested in learning more about the Caribbean islands.

British Virgin Islands book review extra info

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