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“Caribbean Cruises” – Insight Guides – a guidebook to Caribbean Cruises

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caribbean cruises book review, active caribbean book reviewsThis Caribbean cruises book review is a review of the Insight Guides guidebook on Caribbean Cruises which, whether you’ve been to the Caribbean before or not, you’ll find full of interesting and helpful information if you’re cruising. The Insight Guides are QUALITY books, consequently they remain firmly on our ‘favourites’ list.

The Insight Guides can help you plan your Caribbean cruise to perfection – the guidebook highlights the top attractions and there a recommendations by the Editor in the ‘Editor’s Choice’ section which include the best beaches and events, festivals and the best carnivals as well as the best adventures, gardens, diving spots and best markets. Really useful as time is always limited at ports of call. This section is a great help to planning your Caribbean cruise we reckon.

On the inside flap of the front cover there is a location finder – this lists where to find the areas of interest, best beaches, and main attractions at your port of call in the Caribbean – page numbers are given where you’ll find maps in the guidebook which link to specific attractions.

We like the format of the Insight Guides – there’s a Features section which covers the cultural history of the Caribbean, a Main Places section which contains informative titbits such as all the shore excursions and the attractions worth visiting. The Travel Tips section is really useful with details on hotels, restaurants, and shops as well as tips on planning your trip to the area, what you should know before you depart, and the taxes that could be charged which you might not be expecting – such as the Government hotel room tax and departure tax.

While doing this Caribbean cruises book review we discovered that it has useful information for anyone thinking of getting married in the Caribbean. There is information on getting married both at sea and also at a port of call . There’s a full rundown of what to expect on board too, for instance, tipping, disabled facilities, religious services etc – so for the first-time cruisers this could be useful. There are practical information snippets as well, such as arriving at ports of call by sea, calendars of events, money matters, postal services and such like.

Activities and excursions that you might be interested in doing when you arrive at your port of call are listed – from water sports, horseback riding and golf to rainforest aerial rides, canoe excursions and crocodile spotting. There’s lots to do when you arrive at your port of call, so be prepared… this Insight Guide to Caribbean Cruises will be a big help.

Update on Caribbean Cruises book review

Caribbean travel books are regularly updated, so if you are thinking of buying a copy of this ‘Caribbean Cruises’ Insight Guides do make sure you purchase the latest edition.

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