Active Caribbean Lesser Antilles Book Review

“Caribbean, the Lesser Antilles” – an Insight Guides guidebook

Published by APA Publications

caribbean lesser antilles book review, Active Caribbean book reviewsThe Insight Guides we like – a LOT – especially this Caribbean Lesser Antilles guidebook. The Caribbean – the Lesser Antilles is definitely one of our favourite Caribbean guidebooks. It is written by a number of Caribbean ‘specialist’ travel journalists. Not only does the book have a nice feel, but it is bursting with colour photographs.

The introduction includes interesting snippets about the geography, wildlife, hurricanes and the eco-systems, together with a list of decisive dates.

Within the ‘History’ section, the colonial period as well as modern times is covered, while the ‘Features’ section covers everything from dominoes, worship, spectator sports and the Creole mix, to Caribbean music, art, Creole cuisine, architecture and the rich literary tradition of the Lesser Antilles.

This is followed by a detailed guide to the entire Lesser Antilles, country by country, with principal sites cross-referenced by numbers on maps included in each country’s section. The topography of each island is well described, there’s info on the weather, the roads, beaches, and attractions, so you do get a very good idea of what to expect. We think photos ‘sell’ – in which case this book will sell very well indeed. There are full-colour photographs virtually on every page. The whole book is QUALITY.

At the very back there are accommodation listings, really useful travel tips as well as health tips and emergency numbers, plus transportation information, eating out suggeestions and activities available on each Caribbean island. All the necessary things you need to know before hopping on the next plane are covered in this excellent guidebook. Another must buy.

Update on Caribbean Lesser Antilles book review

This ‘Caribbean Lesser Antilles’ Insight Guides book has been updated.

Caribbean travel books are regularly updated, so if you are thinking of buying a copy of this ‘Caribbean Lesser Antilles’ Insight Guides book do make sure you purchase the latest edition.

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