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The hidden wonders of the World’s Most Famous Islands. Wild Caribbean‘ book review: wildlife book written by Michael Bright, with Karen Bass and Scott Alexander

Published by BBC Books

Wild Caribbean book review by Active Caribbean, wildlife book written Michael Bright wildlife

We just LOVE this 224-page book on wildlife in the Caribbean.This Wild Caribbean book review was a pleasure to do.

The photographs are amazing, there are more than 100; there’s no waffling, it’s bursting with interesting facts and there’s a ‘Gazetteer’ at the back – a wonderful discover-it-all ‘at a glance’ section covering some of the top wildlife hotspots in the Caribbean, together with handy tips, visitor information and lots of adventure ideas.

Whether you are planning to visit the Caribbean or not, this book on the wildlife in the Caribbean is a great read – it’s absolutely fascinating and you’ll be amazed at the variety of wildlife hidden in the Caribbean. After reading this Wild Caribbean book review we recommend that you check out the book offers available via the Amazon link below.

Have you ever heard of snoring frogs? You’ll find them in Jamaica. What about howler monkeys, fluorescent fish, and whistling ducks? You’ll find out about them in this wonderful book on Caribbean wildlife. As far as we are concerned it’s a ‘must buy’ if you have any interest in the Caribbean or wildlife in general. Fascinating.

The area covered in the book is from the Greater Antilles to the shores of Central America. There are maps included of course, and there are seven different sections, or chapters, in the book which include: Finding Paradise, Cuba, the Greater Antilles, the Leeward Islands, the Windward Islands, the Southern Caribbean, Western Caribbean and the Outer Caribbean.

The Gazetteer at the back is a great guide to the ‘alternative’, the wilder, side of the Caribbean. In the Gazetteer there is a brieff intro to each region, which contains sub-sections on islands in that region – most of them with short paragraphs on what activities you’ll find where, suggested places to visit and which towns offer a good choice of accommodation.

The Gazetteer content on the nature island of the Caribbean, Dominica, for example, includes walking and hiking details, details of the best places to go to watch birds, turtles and whales, as well as the best places to dive and snorkel in Dominica. There is information on rainforest viewing and the volcanic lankes and streams, together with suggested places to visit, snippets about accommodation and a list of useful websites on the wildlife.

As we said at the beginning of this Wild Caribbean book review, we love it. The Caribbean is undoubtedly, as it says on the cover, “one of the most diverse and unspoiled ecosystems on the planet”. This is a must buy Caribbean wildlife book.

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