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Types of accommodation available in Antigua & Barbuda

Welcome to the Antigua Barbuda Hotels & Accommodation page of Active Caribbean, written to give you an idea of the types of accommodation you will find at this Caribbean destination.

Antigua Barbuda hotels & accommodation options

The variety of Antigua Barbuda hotels and accommodation available include 3, 4 and 5 star hotels and all-inclusive resorts, some of them rated highly. The accommodation range is wide – from B&Bs and budget hotels to apartments and luxury hotels. You’ll find everything from eco-friendly accommodation to self-contained cottages in beach front locations and boutique otels offering laid back luxury.

With around 12 five star hotels, 5 four star hotels, 20 three star hotels, 6 two star hotels plus an inn or two and a range of apartments, cottages and villas, you are sure to find affordable accommodation in Antigua to suit your pocket. Accommodation on Barbuda, on the other hand, is very limited with just a handful of guest houses, cottages and two hotels. Bear in mind that some Antigua Barbuda hotels close during the month of September. Closures can affect some weeks immediately before and after September. Also, when you are booking Antigua Barbuda hotels, make sure to ask whether the price you have been quoted includes the government tax and a service charge.

Each Caribbean destination has its own dedicated Hotels page so go to the main Caribbean Hotels, Accommodation, Villas section and click on the Country by Country images to check each destination out. In addition to the Caribbean hotel reviews written by travel writers who have personally experienced staying in the accommodation, you will also find specially featured hotels we would particularly like to bring to your attention: you can discover them via this link to Caribbean hotel reviews & featured hotels.

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