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Types of accommodation available in Panama

Welcome to the Panama Hotels & Accommodation page of Active Caribbean, written to give you an idea of the types of accommodation you will find at this Caribbean destination.

On the Caribbean side, as well as small Panama hotels, there are eco-lodges, luxurious condos and cabanas.

Panama hotels & accommodation options

There is a good choice of accommodation on the Caribbean side of Panama including hostels, luxurious condos, eco-lodges, guest houses, small hotels, cabanas, and villa accommodation. And for the yachting fraternity arriving by boat, there’s an island marina with 84 slips and 12 Mega yacht berths.

Scattered around Panama there are also some over-water bungalows, a Nordic-style finca in the middle of a coffee plantation, an Italianate mansion on Taboga Island, and even an amazing five-storey tower to rent which sits in the middle of a forest in the Soberania National Park.

Caribbean hotels & accommodation

Each Caribbean destination has its own dedicated Hotels page so go to the main Caribbean Hotels, Accommodation, Villas section and click on the Country by Country images to check each destination out.

In addition to the Caribbean hotel reviews written by travel writers who have personally experienced staying in the accommodation, you will also find specially featured hotels we would particularly like to bring to your attention: you can discover them via this link to Caribbean hotel reviews & featured hotels.


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Panama adventure activities travel guide
Panama adventure activities travel guide
Panama adventure activities travel guide
Panama adventure activities travel guide
Panama adventure activities travel guide
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