Caribbean Map showing countries featured on Active Caribbean

Countries written in yellow on this Caribbean map are the destinations we cover in this specialist adventures and activities website

You will see from this Caribbean Map that we feature the majority of countries in the Caribbean as well as the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, and a number of Central America countries bordering the Caribbean. READ MORE… after the map below.

Caribbean map - Active Caribbean adventures, activities, special interests

About the countries featured on this Caribbean Map

Each country listed on this Caribbean Map has a dedicated section which, in turn, features a number of different pages covering an intro page with a brief description of the destination, why visit and what not to miss. Other pages cover adventures and activities, wildlife and marine life, carnivals and special events, articles and features, and a description of the type of accommodation, hotels and villas available.

A total of 34 destinations are featured in Active Caribbean and more than 40 adventures, activities or special interests.

Caribbean adventure travel guides – country by country

Check out the Caribbean Adventure Travel Guides section where you will discover the adventures, activities and special interests each Caribbean destination has to offer visitors who like to have active Caribbean vacations. You will find ideas for Caribbean vacation adventures and holiday activities in the Caribbean as well as information on adventure travel in some fascinating Central America countries which border the Caribbean.

Articles about the Caribbean and Central America countries

Want to read more about the destination you are planning to visit? There might be an article of interest to you, so go to the Caribbean Articles & Features section to check.

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