Anguilla wildlife and marine life

Anguilla Wildlife & Marine life

On this page discover the Anguilla wildlife that lives on, and in the waters of, this tiny Caribbean island…
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Anguilla wildlife in the Caribbean

Anguilla wildlife, terrestrial, is somewhat limited in Anguilla as there is no lush tropical rainforest. However, there is plenty of marine life. Scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts will be happy exploring the waters around this exclusive Caribbean island.

Scrub and low trees cover most of the island. Anguilla wildlife is limited mainly to goats, lizards and crabs – although the island does have six marine parks and some big wrecks that teem with fish.

Anguilla marine life

In the turquoise waters surrounding Anguilla the marine life is pretty impressive. Consequently, diving in Anguilla is a popular activity – as it is around most Caribbean islands.

As well as having the chance of seeing sea turtles, southern stingrays and eagle rays, you will come across tarpon and blue tangs. Additionally, there are parrot fish, hog and goat fish, Atlantic spadefish, angel fish, barracuda, and nurse sharks.

There are also plenty of lobsters, eels, crabs and shrimps.

Lizards, geckos and iguanas in Anguilla

As mentioned, Anguilla wildlife is limited, but you will find small lizards basking on stones warmed by the sun during the day and geckos climbing walls at night, as they do in all the Caribbean.

You might also be lucky and see green iguanas which now breed in Anguilla. It is believed they arrived on the island by way of drifting vegetation in the mid-1990s after hurricanes damaged forestation on nearby islands.

Birds in Anguilla and birdwatching tours

Anguilla wildlife is very limited, but visitors who enjoy birdwatching will be interested to hear that 135 species of birds have been recorded in Anguilla. A lot of them are migratory so will only be observed at certain times of the year.

The mangrove cuckoo resides, obviously, in the mangroves and the cliffs to the north of the island provide nesting places for red-billed tropicbirds. You’ll also see pelicans, sanderlings, royal terns and turnstones feeding in small bays.

Numerous ponds on the island act as magnets for birds, and the islands offshore every year attract huge colonies of terns and noddies (they arrive in April).

Birdwatching tours in Anguilla are available to the salt ponds. Nature enthusiast should check out a variety of books available on the wildlife in Anguilla as well as on the wetlands.

Caribbean wildlife books & book reviews

Check out the Caribbean Book Review section for good wildlife books which may contain information on Anguilla wildlife and marine life.


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Anguilla wildlife and marine life - Caribbean wildlife
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Anguilla wildlife and marine life - Caribbean wildlife
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Anguilla wildlife and marine life - Caribbean wildlife
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