Barbados wildlife marine lilfe fauna birds

Barbados Wildlife & Marine Life

On this page discover Barbados wildlife and marine life, and book Barbados tours, excursions, adventures and activities
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Barbados wildlife

Barbados wildlife is not extensive, but there is a golf course on the island named after the famous green monkey of Barbados – many can be seen inland and also often spotted in the gardens of hotels and accommodation along the West Coast, especially early in the morning. The limited Barbados wildlife you might see on the island are the green monkey, as mentioned previouosly, and bats, mongooses, whistling frogs, lizards, toads, snakes (very few), the hare (although these are very rarely spotted) and magical fireflies.

Birds in Barbados

Around 100 different bird species have been recorded in Barbados, around twenty species of birds are residents – you’ll see plenty of the beautiful hummingbird, also heron, egret, finches and pigeons; in addition there are around 80 different species of birds that migrate or pass through the island – these include terns, sandpipers, warblers, falcons and ducks. To find out more about birds in the region generally, go to the Caribbean Birdwatching & Birds page in the Caribbean Leisure Activities section.

Barbados marine life

As for Barbados marine life, you may see turtles (Leatherback and Hawksbill), sharks, dolphins, lionfish, flying fish, eels, crayfish, barracudas, sea cockroaches (which is a sort of crab), sea urchins, Man O’ War (jellyfish-like) and Portuguese Man O’ War.

Caribbean wildlife books

If Caribbean wildlife in general, as well as Barbados wildlife, is of interest to you, you will probably enjoy our Caribbean Book Reviews section as we have reviewed several Caribbean wildlife books.

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Barbados wildlife marine lilfe fauna birds
Barbados wildlife marine lilfe fauna birds
Barbados wildlife marine lilfe fauna birds
Barbados wildlife marine lilfe fauna birds
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