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Belize Wildlife & Marine Life

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Belize wildlife

Belize wildlife is extraordinarily diverse and the habitats various. Not only is the wildlife in Belize worth boasting about, and nearly 600 bird species have been recorded, but also the country boasts the second longest barrier reef in the world. The Belize Barrier Reef, to the east of the country where there are a number of coral reefs, stretches approximately 200 miles. The marine life is colourful and fascinating.

What an amazing array of Belize wildlife there is. There is the Jaguar, spider monkey, howler monkey, Jaguarondi and deer – the white tailed and red Brocket. There are various species of opossum, agouti, Margay cat, quash, mountain lion, Tamanduas, kinkajou and a variety of snakes. In addition there is the Paca, ant eater, cacomistle, weasel, Least Shrew, otter, coyote, Baird’s tapir and nine-banded Armadillo. If that’s not enough there is the fox, Grison, skunk, Tayra, Ocelot, collared Peccary, the porcupine and eight different species of bats.

Marine life of Belize

The marine life of Belize is just as impressive as the Belize wildlife and includes the bottlenose dolphin, green and spotted Moray eels, sharks (whale shark, hammerhead shark, reef shark, nurse shark, lemon tip shark), and the spotted eagle ray. Other sea life includes the Christmas tree worm, parrot fish, grouper, angelfish, squirrelfish, blue tang, spotted drum, yellowtail Damsel fish, Creole Wrasse, banded coral shrimp, West Indian manatees, variety of ray, barracuda, butterfly fish and clown fish.

Birds found in Belize

Belize is a birdwatching paradise – an astonishing number of bird species have been recorded – between 500 and 600. To mention just a few of the hundreds of birds you might see in Belize… the collared Aracari toucan and keel billed toucan, heron, black and king vultures, cowled oriole, bananaquit, a variety of parrots, owls, and several different species of woodpecker. Also osprey, pewee, flycatcher, zone tailed hawk, pelican, different jay, yellow finch, honeycreeper, mockingbird, grackles, kite, snipes, plovers, owls, kingfisher, Jacamar, limpkin, rails, coot, Gallinule, tern, parakeets, cuckoo, hummingbird, thrush, bluebird, swallows, cardinals… The number of birds is astonishing, the country is a Mecca for birdwatchers. To find out more about birds in the Caribbean region generally, go to the Caribbean Birdwatching & Birds page in the Caribbean Leisure Activities section.

Caribbean wildlife books

If Caribbean wildlife in general, as well as Belize wildlife, is of interest to you, you will probably enjoy our Caribbean Book Reviews section as we have reviewed several Caribbean wildlife books.


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Belize wildlife marine life fauna animals birds
Belize wildlife marine life fauna animals birds
Belize wildlife marine life fauna animals birds
Belize wildlife marine life fauna animals birds
Belize wildlife marine life fauna animals birds
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