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Cuba Wildlife & Marine Life

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Cuba wildlife

Cuba is teeming with wildlife – from the tiny bee hummingbird and the colourful Cuban Tody to the Goliath Grouper and huge Cuban crocodile. There is a huge array of flora, Cuba wildlife, and unspoiled eco-systems, as well as a number of UNESCO biosphere and ecological reserves and parks.

The wildlife of Cuba is diverse – 300 bird species, 18,000 insects, 700 fish and crustaceans, and five species of endangered sea turtles. Cuba wildlife includes the smallest frog in the world (10mm), the Cuban Spider Monkey, the huge Cuban crocodile, Prehensile Tail Hutia, Mongoose, Cuban Solenodon (nocturnal), Mexican free-tailed bat, tarantula, and iguana

Birds in Cuba

The best birding spot in Cuba is in the rainforests of the Sagua-Baracoa Mountains. Birds you may see in Cuba include the Oriente Warbler, Cuban Green Woodpecker, Stripe-headed Tanager, Cuban Solitaire, Cuban Vireo, Red-legged Honeycreeper, owl species (Screech-Owl, Pygmy Owl, Stygian Owl), Quail dove (Blue-headed, Grey-headed), Cuban Trogon, Olive-capped Warbler, Cuban Grassquit, bee hummingbird, Cuban Tody, Frigate Bird, Flamingo… If you’re very lucky you might spot the Giant Kingbird, Tyrannus Cubensis. Native species include the Zapata Wren, Zapata Sparrow, and Zapata Rail. To find out more about birds in the region generally, go to the Caribbean Birdwatching & Birds page in the Caribbean Leisure Activities section.

Cuba marine life

There are around 700 species of fish and crustaceans in Cuba’s coral reef, the second largest in the world, including yellowtail goatfish, French grunts, angel fish, cubera snapper, red hind, Nassau Grouper, butterfly fish, mutton snapper, barracuda, conch, lobster, sea urchins, long-spine urchin, grouper, surgeon fish, lionfish, Tarpon, queen angelfish, West Indian manatee, whale, Goliath Grouper, Queen Triggerfish…

Hundreds of turtles nest in Cayo Largo del Sur, and Cuba’s nesting sites are crucial for the critically endangered hawksbill turtle. Dolphin species in Cuban waters include the Risso, Spinner, Fraser’s, Climene and Striped dolphin, and shark species include the Lemon, Nurse, Whale, Silky, Black tip and Caribbean Reef sharks.

Caribbean wildlife books

If Caribbean wildlife in general, as well as Cuba wildlife, is of interest to you, you will probably enjoy our Caribbean Book Reviews section as we have reviewed several Caribbean wildlife books.


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Cuba adventure activities travel guide
Cuba adventure activities travel guide
Cuba adventure activities travel guide
Cuba adventure activities travel guide
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