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Dominican Republic Wildlife & Marine Life

On this page discover the Dominican Republic wildlife and marine life in and around the island…

Dominican Republic wildlife

The Dominican Republic wildlife includes an interesting variety in the country’s protected areas and national parks. You can even swim with humpback whales and wild dolphins in the Dominican Republic waters.

The wildlife in the Dominican Republic includes the Hispaniolan Solenodon (it is a nocturnal burrowing mammal, has a long flexible snout, and resembles a large shrew), dwarf Gecko (smallest lizard in world), rhinoceros iguana (threatened), frogs (large capaud, tiny tree frogs), snakes (four types, non-venomous) – including boa constrictors, bats (13 species), butterflies (more than 50 species), Hispaniolan hutia, and American crocodile.

There is also an opportunity to come face to face with cheeky squirrel monkeys in the Anamuya Mountains – but they’re not exactly wild, as such, as they have been trained by the locals to interact with people.

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Dominican Republic wildlife books & other Caribbean wildlife publications

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Birdlife spotted in the Dominican Republic

Over 160 bird species, indigenous and wintering, include: Hispaniolan palm crows, white-necked crows, warbler (white-winged, green-tailed) Tanagers, Oriole, Crossbill, Antillean Siskin, West Indian whistling duck, pelican, herons, Turkey vulture, Royal Tern, Antillean Piculet, ashy-faced owl, Frigate bird, white-tailed tropicbird, Vervain hummingbird, broad-billed Todies, narrow-billed Todies, Mockingbird, Gull, American Redstart, golden swallow, and the American flamingo.

Also you’ll find the Hispaniolan parrot, Hispaniolan lizard cuckoo, purple Gallinute, pigeons (white-crowned, plain, scaly-naped), Dove, mangrove Cuckoo, nighthawk, swift, grey Kingbird, Loggerhead Kingbird, red-legged thrush, Yellowthroat, Roseate Spoonbill, Quail Doves, Killdeer, purple Gallinule, Hispaniolann Pewee, woodpecker. Endangered parrots (endemic) are the Sisserou parrot and the Jaco parrot.

To find out more about birds in the region generally, go to the Caribbean Birdwatching & Birds page in the Caribbean Leisure Activities section.

Dominican Republic Marine life

Whales (humpback, dwarf sperm), dolphins (bottlenose, spinner, Risso’s, Fraser’s, rarely seen pygmy killer whale), turtles (leatherback, loggerhead, hawksbill, green), West Indian manatee

Fish found in the Dominican Republic waters include: great Barracuda, Atlantic sailfish, black Jackfish, French Grunt, butterfly fish, Caribbean sharpnose, porcupine fish, Goliath Grouper, spotted drum, several species of cowfish, Queen Angelfish, trumpet fish, lionfish, eel, green Moray, squirrelfish, yellow Goatfish, yellow stingray.

Caribbean wildlife books

If Caribbean wildlife in general, as well as the Dominican Republic wildlife, is of interest to you, you will probably enjoy our Caribbean Book Reviews section as we have reviewed several Caribbean wildlife books.

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