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Jamaica Wildlife & Marine Life

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Jamaica wildlife

There is a multitude of land crabs, also more than a dozen different frogs, fireflies, and giant swallowtail butterflies with a wing span of six inches. There are American crocodiles and seven species of snakes – including the Jamaican Boa, as well as Manatees, iguana, and Jamaican Hutia (aka coney). There are around 135 species of butterflies and moths, fruit bats, mongoose .

Birds in Jamaica

We can’t list them all. The following list is just to give interested birders an idea of what birds can be seen in Jamaica. Seriously endangered is the black billed parrot. Around 305 species including migratory birds have been recorded in Jamaica. Birds include the hummingbird, swallowtails, black swifts, Jamaican lizard cuckoo, black whiskered vireo, Caribbean Martin, night hawk, white tailed tropic bird, black billed streamertail, crested quail dove, Jamaican blackbird (endangered), crested quail dove, Jamaican owl, stripe-headed tanager, tody, orangequit, elaenia, euphonia, chestnut bellied cuckoo, pewee, northern potoo, olive-throated parakeet, arrowead warbler, rufous-tailed flycatcher, woodpecker, black billed and yellow billed parrots, crow, lizard cuckoo, West Indian whistling duck, rare spotted rail and yellow breasted crake, least bittern, northern  jacana, limpkin… Several hotels have peacocks wandering around their gardens. To find out more about birds in the Caribbean region generally, go to the Caribbean Birdwatching & Birds page in the Caribbean Leisure Activities section.

Jamaica Marine Life

There is a variety of marine life in the waters of Jamaica; more than 260 species of reef fishes have been recorded. Just to give you an idea of the marine life in the waters of Jamaica, but by no means a complete list… there are sea turtles, West Indian manatee, nurse sharks, eels, barracuda, squirrel fish, eagle ray, bluehea wrasse, kingfish, tuna, bonito, jack, mackerel, whiting, blue chromis, French grunt, redband parrotfish, blue tang, spotted goatfish, yellowhead wrasse, bicolor damselfish, fairy basslet, harlequin bass, blackbar soldierfish, princess parrotfish, four-eye butterflyfish, sharopnose puffer, trumpetfish, ocean surgeonfish…

Caribbean wildlife books

If Caribbean wildlife in general, as well as Jamaica wildlife, is of interest to you, you will probably enjoy our Caribbean Book Reviews section as we have reviewed several Caribbean wildlife books.

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Jamaica adventure activities travel guide
Jamaica adventure activities travel guide
Jamaica adventure activities travel guide
Jamaica adventure activities travel guide
Jamaica adventure activities travel guide
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