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Panama Wildlife & Marine Life

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Panama wildlife

Panama wildlife is impressive – there are more than 200 species of mammals in Panama, 226 reptile species, 164 amphibian species, and 125 species of animals unique to Panama.

Found in the country are jaguars, jaguarundis, margays, green iguanas, two and three-toed sloths, tapirs, kinkajous, mantled howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, white-faced capuchins, ocelots, anteaters, pumas, nine-banded armadillos, deer, wild boars, Geoffroy’s tamarind, white nosed coati, grisons, bats, some very brightly coloured frogs, and several species of poisonous snakes.

Panama birds

Panama is home to many stunning birds, is one of the best birding places in the world and has easy access to rainforests. Around 950 species of birds have been recorded in Panama, so it goes without saying that this country comes out tops for birding vacations. You will find plenty of birding tours to choose from, whether a day tour or a full-blown Panama birding vacation. Just a very few of the birds you might see are… the silvery-front tapaculo, black-faced solitaire, barred becard, resplendent quetzal, ruddy woodcreepers, hook-billed kite, violet-capped hummingbird, rufous-crested coquette, colourful tanagers, motmots, trogons, bronzed-tailed plummeteer, bicolored antbirds, golden-crowned spadebills, rosy thrush-tanager, pheasant cuckoo, yellow-green tyrannulet, macaw, keel-billed toucans, and the emerald toucan… Some excellent birding hotspots are in the Parque Nacional Darien (Cana) where you might see the harpy eagle, and the Parque Nacional Soberania.

To find out more about birds in the Caribbean region generally, go to the Caribbean Birdwatching & Birds page in the Caribbean Leisure Activities section.

Panama marine life

As you would expect, bordering two oceans, Panama has a rich marine life. This includes five species of sea turtles, humpback whales, sperm whales,  killer whales, bottlenose dolphins, black marlin, swordfish, bonito, tuna, sailfish, barracuda, shark, sawfish, corvina, whale sharks, white tip sharks, tiger sharks, black sharks…

Caribbean wildlife books

If Caribbean wildlife in general, as well as Panama wildlife, is of interest to you, you will probably enjoy our Caribbean Book Reviews section as we have reviewed several Caribbean wildlife books.

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Panama adventure activities travel guide
Panama adventure activities travel guide
Panama adventure activities travel guide
Panama adventure activities travel guide
Panama adventure activities travel guide
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