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Nevis carnival & special events throughout the year

As St Kitts & Nevis are so close geographically, just a short ferry ride away from each other, the combined St Kitts Nevis carnival takes place towards the end of December with the last two parades held at the beginning of January.

Carnivals in the Caribbean are renowned for their vibrant music and colour. As most, but not all, of the Caribbean major festivals are of a religious nature they take place prior to Lent and finish Ash Wednesday. Costumes made for carnivals are spectacular, taking months of work. Work often begins on the following year’s costumes as soon as the current year’s carnival is over, especially in Trinidad & Tobago – the biggest carnival in the Caribbean.

There are a number of special events, not of a carnival nature, which also take place throughout the year. Below is a list of the major and most popular Nevis carnival and festivals as well as the major special events.

Nevis Carnival & Festivals

  • Nevis Blues Festival (April)
  • National Carnival Parade (January)
  • Nevis Culturama Festival (July)
  • St Kitts Nevis National Carnival (December-January)

Special Events in Nevis

  • Admirals Cup Pro-Am Tournament on St Kitts & Nevis courses (February)
  • Nevis to St Kitts Cross-Channel Swim (March)
  • Labour Emancipation March, public holiday (May)
  • Nevis Booby Island Regatta (May)
  • Nevis Round Island Relay (May)
  • WINFEST Drag Race Event (May)
  • Nevis Mango & Food Festival (July)
  • Emancipation Day, public holiday (August)
  • Culturama J’Ouvert Street Jamming (August)
  • Nevis Marathon & Running Festival: Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Run (September)
  • Oualie Beach Fishing Tournament (October)
  • Nevis International Triathlon (November)

Carnivals and events in other Caribbean countries

As well as the Nevis carnival and festivals do check out what’s going on in other destinations, country by country, on the Caribbean Carnivals page in the Discover section.


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Nevis adventure activities travel guide
Nevis adventure activities travel guide
Nevis adventure activities travel guide
Nevis adventure activities travel guide
Nevis adventure activities travel guide
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