Trinidad-Tobago carnival festivals events

Trinidad-Tobago Carnival, Festivals & Special Events

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Trinidad & Tobago special events throughout the year

The Trinidad-Tobago carnival is the biggest in the Caribbean and throughout the carnivals season the island is lively, noisy and full of atmosphere. There is dancing in the streets, mouth-watering food to be savoured, and music fills the air.

Carnivals in the Caribbean are renowned for their vibrant music and colour. As most, but not all, of the Caribbean major festivals are of a religious nature they take place prior to Lent and finish Ash Wednesday. Costumes made for carnivals are spectacular, taking months of work. Work often begins on the following year’s costumes as soon as the current year’s carnival is over, especially in Trinidad & Tobago – the biggest carnival in the Caribbean.

There are a number of special events, not of a carnival nature, which also take place throughout the year. Below is a list of the major and most popular Trinidad-Tobago carnival and festivals as well as the major special events… there are more.

Trinidad-Tobago Carnival & Festivals

  • Carnival season begins (January-February)
  • Carnival Educative Arts Festival, Tobago (January-February)
  • Caribbean Seafood Festival, Tobago (April)
  • Trinidad & Tobago Literary Festival, Bocas Lit Fest (April)
  • European Film Festival, Trinidad (May)
  • Tobago Culinary Festival, Pigeon Point (June)
  • Tobago Heritage Festival (last 2 weeks of July)
  • Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival (September)
  • Steelpan & Jazz Festival, Trinidad (October)

Special Events in Trinidad and Tobago

  • Trinidad & Tobago Power Boat Association regattas (number of events held from February to August)
  • First Trinidad & Tobago Cycling Federation Mountain Bike Cross Country Eliminator (January)
  • Tobago Carnival Regatta (Tobago)
  • Caribbean Institute of Astronomy’s Star Party, Trinidad (March)
  • Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament (March)
  • Trinidad & Tobago Golf Open (March)
  • Jazz Artists on the Green, Trinidad (March)
  • Turtle nesting season begins (March)
  • Tobago Jazz Experience (April)
  • Point Fortin Borough Day, week-long parties, Trinidad (April)
  • Tobago Sea to Sea Marathon
  • Trinidad & Tobago Salsa Fiesta
  • Trinidad (May)
  • Rainbow Cup International Triathlon, Tobago (June)
  • Carib Great Race (August)
  • Maracas International Open Water Swim (September)
  • Tobago International Cycling Classic (September)
  • Coast-2-Coast Adventure Race (Trinidad)
  • International Surf Festival (November)

Carnivals and events in other Caribbean countries

As well as the Trinidad-Tobago carnival and festivals do check out what’s going on in other destinations, country by country, on the Caribbean Carnivals page in the Discover section.

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Trinidad-Tobago carnival festivals events
Trinidad-Tobago carnival festivals events
Trinidad-Tobago carnival festivals events
Trinidad-Tobago carnival festivals events
Trinidad-Tobago carnival festivals events
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