Aruba adventure activities travel guide

Aruba Adventure Activities Travel Guide

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Will this Caribbean destination suit the adventurer in you?

This Aruba Adventure Activities Travel Guide is essential reading for anyone planning to visit the country. We hope it will help you decide if this destination suits the adventurer in you.

Aruba in a nutshell

Sitting just fifteen miles off the South American coast, the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba boasts miles of white sand and turquoise water. It also has a desert-like interior featuring sand dunes, huge granite boulders (Ayo and Casibari rock formations), and Mondis (forests of cacti).

The island is mainly flat, and while the south coast is graced with white sandy beaches the north coast has to contend with tempestuous seas that crash against the rugged coastline.Lizards abound on the island as do Aruba’s famous trees – the Divi Divi, or watapana tree.

Aruba is a windsurfing and kitesurfing hotspot and a great all-rounder destination for a family adventure vacation and active holiday in the Caribbean

Why visit Aruba

Ranking in the world’s top five windsurfing destinations, Aruba boasts challenging wave conditions, constant trade winds, flat water locations and extensive shallows – perfect windsurfing requirements.

The island’s strong winds also lure kite surfers to the island, and an abundance of game fish makes deep sea fishing around Aruba a popular pastime.

Aruba is also a favourite Caribbean diving destination. Qualified divers will enjoy the fabulous Caribbean diving sites around Aruba. There is an Antillean shipwreck, 400ft long and dating from World War II, plus wall, wrecks, and night diving. Of course there is a wonderful array of corals and fish.

There are plenty of daytime activities for everyone on this Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba. Once the sun has set you’ll also discover a vibrant Aruba nightlife that caters for a variety of tastes.

There are nightspots with dancing and entertainment, colourful shows, bustling bars, and welcoming cocktail lounges. In addition, there are lively casinos – most hotels have their own casinos and special themed nights too.

While you’re in Aruba

Visit the island’s capital, Oranjestad – it has charming Dutch-style architecture. The Arikok National Park features huge cacti, giant boulders, and caves with ancient Indian paintings.

If you’re one for the birds, there’s the Bubali Bird Sanctuary which consists of two interconnected man-made lakes – a sanctuary for more than 80 species of migratory birds. Birds include egrets, herons, cormorants, coots, gulls, skimmers, terns, and ducks.

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Aruba adventure activities travel guide
Aruba adventure activities travel guide
Aruba adventure activities travel guide
Aruba adventure activities travel guide
Aruba adventure activities travel guide
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