Bonaire adventure activities travel guide

Bonaire Adventure Activities Travel Guide

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This Bonaire Adventure Activities Travel Guide is essential reading for anyone planning to visit Bonaire. We hope it will help you decide if this destination suits the adventurer in you. And check out these general Bonaire tourism videos and Bonaire diving videos too.

Bonaire in a nutshell

Located around 50 miles north of the Venezuelan coast the Caribbean island of Bonaire measures 24 miles long by around 5 miles at its widest point. It is the most eastern of the Dutch Caribbean islands.

Bonaire is a Mecca for diving and watersports generally – especially kitesurfing and windsurfing. The island offers a range of adventure travel, vacation adventures and holiday activities and also plays a leading role in nature preservation.

Bonaire is outside the hurricane belt, features some 350 miles of nature trails as well as a 13,500-acre national park which covers just under one-fifth of the island. Curacao is located around 30 miles away and Aruba 86 miles.

The south of the island is at sea level, features salt pans (saliñas), and is more lush than the north. The north is more hilly and scenic but with sparse vegetation made up mainly by low shrubs and cacti.

The highest point on the island is 790ft and Dutch is the official language (the island is part of the Netherlands). On land you’ll discover an array of exciting adventure activities and eco-adventures.

The island’s protected coral reefs teem with fish so Bonaire is a diver’s Mecca. There are 86 official dive sites around Bonaire, 54 of which are accessible easily from the shore.

Why visit Bonaire

Bonaire offers spectacular diving as the island is ringed with off-shore reefs.

There are plenty of easy places to eat out by the sea – you’ll find fish bars, barbecue eateries, beach bars, cafes, bars and grills as well as bakeries and fast food outlets (KFC, pizzas).

Other cuisine includes Sushi, Patagonian, Italian and French. There’s also a private chef who’ll bring the restaurant to you in your private villa.

While you’re in Bonaire

Try kayaking through the pristine mangrove system, drive north (up the west coast) to see the flamingo viewing lake – Goto Mere.

Visit Washington-Slagbaai National Park to discover flora and fauna over a 13,000 acre area.

At Boca Omina you’ll discover caves containing Arawak Indian paintings. There are slave huts at Rode Pan, historic Dutch buildings on the island, the Willemstoren Lighthouse,

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Bonaire adventure activities travel guide
Bonaire adventure activities travel guide
Bonaire adventure activities travel guide
Bonaire adventure activities travel guide
Bonaire adventure activities travel guide
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