British Virgin Islands activities guide

British Virgin Islands Activities Guide

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British Virgin Islands (BVI) in a nutshell

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are a mecca for sailors and scuba divers. They are located to the east of Puerto Rico and are part of the Virgin Islands archipelago (Spain and the USA share the other islands).

The main BVI islands are Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda and Anegada, but there are more than 50 small islands, cays and tiny islets that make up the BVI archipelago. The majority are uninhabited and there are a few which house just one villa or hotel.

Being of volcanic origin the islands are hilly and rugged (Mount Sage, Tortola = 1,709ft/543 metres high). In the north, Anegada is a flat coral island (28ft/9 metres high) with beautiful beaches. Tortola (capital Road Town) is the largest (12×5 miles – 20kmx5km).

Why visit the British Virgin Islands

The constant trade winds and perfect sailing conditions are what attract the majority of visitors to the British Virgin Islands.

Being able to island hop without too much trouble is a bonus, each of the islands has its own character so staying on two or three different ones is a big attraction.

While you’re in the British Virgin Islands

Hike to the summit of Sage Mountain on the island of Tortola or up into the hills on Virgin Gorda – there are fabulous views of the islands.

Sail to a deserted soft sand beach to chill out during the day, and live it up all night at famous Foxy’s bar on Jost Van Dyke – Foxy’s rum drinks are wicked.

If you like soft sand head for Anegada, the northernmost island – the white sand beaches are gorgeous.

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British Virgin Islands activities guide
British Virgin Islands activities guide
British Virgin Islands activities guide
British Virgin Islands activities guide
British Virgin Islands activities guide
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