Costa Rica adventure activities travel guide

Costa Rica Adventure Activities Travel Guide

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This Costa Rica Adventure Activities Travel Guide is essential reading for anyone planning to visit the country. We hope it will help you decide if this destination suits the adventurer in you.

Costa Rica in a nutshell

Costa Rica, in Central America, is not only blessed with a rich variety of flora and fauna, but is also one of the best Central America countries for vacation adventures, holiday activities and adventure travel.

Located in Central America, Costa Rica is bordered by Nicaragua (to the north), Panama (to the south), by the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Caribbean Sea on the east with only 200 miles between the two coasts. The Caribbean side of Costa Rica has a variety of aquatic eco systems and boasts some fantastic white, and black, sandy beaches.

The country is spread over 19,700 square miles and has a rich variety of flora and fauna, boasting an abundance of wildlife in the Corcovada National Park.

The weather in Costa Rica varies considerably (there are many microclimates) depending on location – ranging from 0 degrees centigrade in the high cold region to 26 degrees centigrade in the tropical humid region. May-November is the rainy winter season and the dry summer season spreads from December-April.

Over 25% of Costa Rica is a conservation or natural protected area. There are a number of active volcanoes, also ‘wild’ rivers – popular with kayakers and whitewater rafters from around the world, and great birdwatching opportunities.

There are mountains (the highest is 12,530ft), 800 miles of coastline (132 miles Caribbean coast, 631 miles Pacific coast), valleys, and different types of forests. These are rainforests, dry forests and cloud forests.

Why visit Costa Rica

With its protected areas and extensive national parks Costa Rica is an extremely popular eco-tourism destination.

Costa Rica has an incredibly rich variety of wildlife and flora and is a mega Mecca for birdwatchers.

It is also one of the best destinations in Central America for Costa Rica adventure activities – extreme adventures as well as soft adventure.

While you’re in Costa Rica

Being an exciting country you must make the most of your visit so consider staying in two destinations, not just one – there’s so much to see and many exciting Costa Rica adventure activities to experience.

Visit the Puerto Viejo Botanical Gardens, it’s a nice place to spend time and there’s a rainforest trail accessed from the gardens.

“Must visits” are the Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna in the Northern Lowlands, laid-back and lively Puerto Viejo (a surfing hotspot).

Costa Rica cuisine

The mainstay of Costa Rican food is ‘gallo pinto’ (translation = spotted chicken) – namely black beans and rice, stir-fried and usually served with fried or scrambled eggs for breakfast, also often with fried plantains, tortillas and chopped beef.

A popular appetiser is ceviche, raw fish which has been marinated in lime juice, chopped herbs and vegetables.

Pork, roasted, is the main meat eaten, but do try ‘olla de carne’. This is a scrummy stew made with a mix of healthy ingredients… including potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, plantains, yucca, vegetable pear (chayote) and big chunks of beef.

Refresco, a popular blended iced drink, is made with Costa Rica fresh fruits.

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Costa Rica adventure activities travel guide
Costa Rica adventure activities travel guide
Costa Rica adventure activities travel guide
Costa Rica adventure activities travel guide
Costa Rica adventure activities travel guide
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