Dominican Republic adventure activities guide

Dominican Republic Adventure Activities Guide

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This Dominican Republic Adventure Activities Guide is essential reading for anyone planning to visit the country. We hope it will help you decide if this destination suits the adventurer in you.

Dominican Republic in a nutshell

The Dominican Republic has a lot more to offer than its popular beaches and large all-inclusive resorts – there are extensive interior valleys rich and fertile, vast sugar plantations, small fishing villages, amazing golf courses, stunning mountains, lush rainforests, impressive waterfalls, mangrove lagoons, white sand beaches, rugged cliffs… and vacation adventures and holiday activities as diverse as the country itself. Sharing the Caribbean island of Hispaniola with Haiti, the Dominican Republic covers approximately five-eighths of the land (eastern half) of the island and is the second largest Caribbean nation, covering an area of approximately 18,700 square miles. Geographically the Dominican Republic is one of the Caribbean’s most diverse countries; it has four mountain ranges (the island’s highest mountain is 10,164ft above sea level), lakes and coastal lagoons, and a rich and fertile interior. The rainy season in the north runs from November-January, everywhere else it is generally runs from May-November – the west of the country is the driest, and the threat of hurricanes is more likely August to October. The island is renowned for its large all-inclusive resorts and impressive golf courses.

There are four main tourist regions: PUNTA CANA – famous for its strip of superb golf courses and large all-inclusive beachfront resorts; PUERTO PLATA – with its backdrop of towering Mount Isabel de Torres complete with cable car to its summit, botanical gardens, and fantastic views; LA ROMANA – a very popular tourist destination because of the beaches, golf courses, scuba diving, galleries and shopping; natural SAMANA – ideal for independent adventurous visitors – with its mountains, awesome views, whale watching opportunities, and nature treks; and friendly and vibrant SANTO DOMINGO with its museums, cultural attractions, chic restaurants, cobbled streets, and joie de vivre.

Why visit Dominican Republic

The adventure activities in the Dominican Republic are as diverse and exciting as the destination itself. The Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism market themselves as “having it all”… and they do!  Whatever your adventure or leisure activity, you’ll find it in the Dominican Republic. If you just want to relax, again, this is the Caribbean destination that will deliver.

While you’re in Dominican Republic

A visit to Santo Domingo is a must, as is going on a whale watching tour if you visit the Samana region between January and March. If you are a golfer head for the Teeth of the Dog golf course at Casa de Campo… it’s got quite a bite!

Eating out, restaurants, and cuisine in the Dominican Republic

With so many resorts in the Dominican Republic being all-inclusive many visitors tend not venture outside their hotel complex… but they should: the cuisine is delicious and can be inexpensive. The Dominican Republic cuisine is a mix of Spanish, African and Taino flavours. Seafood is very good and, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, desserts are very sweet. Inexpensive places to eat are basic ‘cafeterias’ and ‘comedores’ – usually family-run – but there is also a wide range of upmarket restaurants in major cities and tourist towns where you’ll be able to find different cuisines such as Italian, Japanese, Indian, French, Chinese and even Korean.

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Dominican Republic adventure activities guide
Dominican Republic adventure activities guide
Dominican Republic adventure activities guide
Dominican Republic adventure activities guide
Dominican Republic adventure activities guide
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