Guadeloupe Islands adventure activities guide

Guadeloupe Islands Adventure Activities Guide

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This Guadeloupe Islands Adventure Activities Guide is essential reading for anyone planning to visit the country for an active Caribbean vacation. We hope it will help you decide if this destination suits the adventurer in you.

Guadeloupe Islands in a nutshell

The (very French) Guadeloupe Islands, consisting of Basse-Terre & Grande-Terre (joined), Marie-Galante, Les Saintes, and La Desirade, are actually in the EU and a ‘department’ of France. The conjoined Guadeloupe islands, Basse-Terre & Grande-Terre, are shaped like a butterfly – one half features dry lowlands, sugar cane fields, and lovely white sand beaches (the Grande-Terre half), while the western other half (Basse-Terre) is known for its diving sites, lush countryside, and volcanic mountain rainforests.

The Guadeloupe landscape is really varied – on one hand there are banana plantations, flat sugar cane fields, mangrove swamps, mountains, thick woodlands, and small wooden shacks. In contrast, on the other hand, you’ll find wide highways, huge stores and supermarkets, international hotels and luxury resorts, housing developments, and busy sidewalk cafés.

Why visit Guadeloupe Islands

Combine the French way of life, sophistication, and delicious cuisine with the sun, sand and sea of the Caribbean – add a twist of adventure, a dash of island-hopping, and you’ve got a tempting recipe for a memorable Caribbean vacation.

While you’re in Guadeloupe Islands

Check out the Guadeloupe birds on an eco-kayaking tour through the mangroves, or test your head for heights on the network of rope bridges set high in the Basse-Terre rainforest. Sample the local rum, chocolate and coffee on a tour of the distilleries and plantations; enjoy French cuisine in one of a vast choice of restaurants – then dance off those calories to the sound of raga and zouk in one of the lively nightclubs.

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Guadeloupe Islands adventure activities guide
Guadeloupe Islands adventure activities guide
Guadeloupe Islands adventure activities guide
Guadeloupe Islands adventure activities guide
Guadeloupe Islands adventure activities guide
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