Panama adventure activities travel guide

Panama Adventure Activities Travel Guide

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This Panama Adventure Activities Travel Guide is essential reading for anyone planning to visit the country for an active Caribbean vacation. We hope it will help you decide if this destination suits the adventurer in you.

Panama in a nutshell

Panama is located in Central America and is bordered by the Caribbean Sea in the north and the North Pacific Ocean in the south. To the west is Costa Rica, and to the south east is Colombia. Famous for its canal, the country offers everything from a modern and sophisticated Panama City and an important shipping route, to exotic wildlife and lush rainforests.

Panama boasts cloud forests in the highlands, mountains, rivers, coral reefs and beaches, as well as the beautiful Bocas del Toro archipelago in the Caribbean Sea – 68 islands in all. The rainy season runs from May until November (there is more on the Pacific side of the country than on the Caribbean coast), the climate is tropical with high humidity but temperatures are much cooler in the higher mountains. There is a central mountain range (highest peak is 11,401ft), hundreds of rivers, dense jungle, and mangrove swamps along both coasts. You’ll find some of the best birdwatching in Central America in Panama, and an astounding biodiversity.

Why visit Panama

If you’re a nature lover, birding enthusiast, adrenaline junkie, keen on kayaking, thrive in hot weather, love rainforests, surfing, whitewater rafting, or just somewhere different to the norm… Panama is definitely the place for you.

While you’re in Panama

Visit vibrant cosmopolitan Panama City, the BioMuseo, and the Panama Canal. Discover the history of Panama on a Segway adventure tour. Take a guided walking tour of historical Casco Viejo with its elegant squares and cobbled streets. Go river rafting on the Panama-Costa Rica border, birdwatching in the Highlands, rainforest hiking on the Camino de Cruces trail (eight miles) – you could see howler monkeys, toucans, white-faced capuchin monkeys and three-toed sloths. If you’re a surfer, head straight for Bocos del Toro for some of the best surf around.

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Panama adventure activities travel guide
Panama adventure activities travel guide
Panama adventure activities travel guide
Panama adventure activities travel guide
Panama adventure activities travel guide
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