St Vincent-Grenadines adventure travel guide

St Vincent-Grenadines Adventure Travel Guide

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St Vincent & The Grenadines in a nutshell

Mountainous with lush rainforests and black sand beaches, St Vincent is the largest island of St Vincent & The Grenadines – an archipelago of 32 islands, but most of them are uninhabited. St Vincent is an active volcano island so in general is mountainous, with not much flat ground, and its capital (Kingstown) is a lively town with cobblestone streets. Soufriere Volcano reaches to a height of approximately 4,049ft; one side of the island has a very rugged coastline, the other has a number of beaches and bays. Around 95% of the beaches have black sand.

The total land area within St Vincent & The Grenadines is just over 150 square miles, and St Vincent is spread over 132 square miles of that land total – so you’ll get a good idea of how small the other islands are. Just nine of the islands in the Grenadines are populated – these are (in addition to St Vincent), Bequia, Canouan, Mayreau, Mustique, Palm Island, Petit St Vincent, Union Island and Young Island. Canouan, with its high-end villas and accommodation, features the only golf course in the Grenadines – and it’s superb.

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Why visit St Vincent & The Grenadines

This is a great opportunity to go island-hopping. The constant Caribbean trade winds and a string of different islands to discover tempt many yachting enthusiasts to St Vincent & The Grenadines, so charter a yacht or catamaran to see them at their best. There are some super chic places to stay too – on Mustique, Canouan, Palm Island, Petit St Vincent and Young Island.

While you’re in St Vincent & The Grenadines

If you’re in St Vincent, visit the botanic gardens. St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral in Kingstown is not to be missed; it is architecturally dramatic – built using volcanic black sand bricks. Playing the golf course on the island of Canouan is a must if you’re anywhere near. Visit Tobago Cays… they are gorgeous islands.

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St Vincent-Grenadines adventure travel guide
St Vincent-Grenadines adventure travel guide
St Vincent-Grenadines adventure travel guide
St Vincent-Grenadines adventure travel guide
St Vincent-Grenadines adventure travel guide
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