Trinidad-Tobago adventure travel guide

Trinidad-Tobago Adventure Travel Guide

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This Trinidad-Tobago Adventure Travel Guide is essential reading for anyone planning to visit the country for an active Caribbean vacation. We hope it will help you decide if this destination suits the adventurer in you.

Trinidad and Tobago in a nutshell

Trinidad and Tobago are located in the Lesser Antilles in the southern Caribbean, and sit less than seven miles off the north eastern coast of Venezuela. Trinidad covers an area of around 1,840 square miles, while Tobago is much smaller at 115 square miles. There are three separate mountain ranges in Trinidad, all bursting with wildlife (you’ll find some of the most diverse birdlife in the Caribbean here), and the island features a 30-mile long river.  Tobago is also mountainous with lush deep valleys, narrow coastal plains, and beaches.

Why visit Trinidad and Tobago

Love a vibrant carnival? You probably know already that carnivals don’t get much better than the Trinidad Carnival… but book your accommodation and flights AGES in advance. If you’re a nature lover or birding enthusiast the island of Trinidad is a good choice. Enjoy drift diving? Then the Tobago waters are for you – sightings of manta rays are also possible.

While you’re in Trinidad and Tobago

Go to the Asa Wright Nature Centre (in the north of Trinidad), it’s a birdwatching hotspot. Take a glass bottom boat tour to Little Tobago and a night-time paddleboard bioluminescence tour in Tobago. Visit Argyle Falls to see the 3-tier waterfall, to Fort King George to see military memorabilia, artefacts, colonial relics and panoramic views, and go turtle watching if you’re there in the season.

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Trinidad-Tobago adventure travel guide
Trinidad-Tobago adventure travel guide
Trinidad-Tobago adventure travel guide
Trinidad-Tobago adventure travel guide
Trinidad-Tobago adventure travel guide
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