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Discover Caribbean Snippets

We help you discover Caribbean snippets that could be of use before and during your visit to the Caribbean

Discover the Caribbean…

During visits to the Caribbean we often discover Caribbean snippets of information that we think may be of interest to readers of Active Caribbean, so we will share them with you in this section as and when.

Discover Caribbean snippets relating to travel tips and safety advice

Check out the Caribbean Travel Advice & Tips page in this section – there’s quite a lot so it could prove useful to read before, and even during, your Caribbean adventure vacation.

Discover Caribbean snippets of information on adventure activities

In the Active Caribbean website we write about 33 destinations, and cover around 40 adventures and activities from family activities to extreme adventures for adrenalin junkies. To find out what adventure and activities each Caribbean country offers, including a few Central America countries that border the Caribbean, go to the Caribbean Adventure Guides section.

Discover Caribbean snippets on travel gear and accessories

Read about travel gear and accessories we like and/or find useful for travel in the Caribbean.

Discover Caribbean snippets about Caribbean Carnivals

Each Caribbean country has its own dedicated section which includes information on carnivals, festivals and special events. Go to Caribbean Carnivals to discover what carnivals, where and when.

Caribbean hotels

Check out our Caribbean Hotels section for some special places to stay in the Caribbean and Central America.

Caribbean map

If you don’t know exactly where some Caribbean islands are, don’t worry – there’s a Caribbean map in our Discover Caribbean snippets section. Check it out.

the Caribbean… DISCOVER it

Discover underwater sculptures in Grenada, Rio Secreto cenotes in the Yucatán Peninsula, black magic in St Vincent, & our latest Tweets

Discover Caribbean Snippets underwater sculptures Grenada

Go with the flow

Diving with the she-devil is not an activity anyone would expect to take on during a visit to the Caribbean…
Read more…

Discover Caribbean snippets Rio Secreto cenotes

The Underworld of Cancun

The Cancun Underwater Sculpture Museum is like no other… it’s surreal, unique…
Read more…

Discover Caribbean snippets St Vincent black magic

Discover the dark side of St Vincent

St Vincent is a land of pirates where black is beautiful and a sleeping volcano gently snores…
Read more…

Discover more articles about a variety of topics and islands in the Caribbean Articles section.

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