Caribbean Mountain Biking & Cycling

Caribbean mountain biking opportunities for family cycling, cruise ship biking tours, rainforest mountain biking, and spectacular bike trails for advanced MTB and high-intermediate bikers

Your choice of Caribbean mountain biking and cycling activities in the region is varied. Whether you take a gentle family Caribbean cycling tour, participate in a Caribbean triathlon, go on a cruise ship guided bike tour or biking excursion, or opt for mountain biking in Caribbean rainforests, biking is great fun. For advanced MTB and high-intermediate bikers it can be as challenging as your heart desires.

Discovering Caribbean mountain biking trails

One of the best ways to discover the hidden Caribbean is to explore by bike, an activity that allows you to access remote beauty spots. Many hotels, resorts and villas in the Caribbean offer bike rentals or can organise a local bike rental company to bring bikes to your hotel. If you don’t want to go it alone, then many operators offer tailor-made guided bike tours taking you to the best places, the most scenic spots, all planned to suit your level of fitness/skill. From gentle cycling to serious biking the Caribbean covers it – from scenic cycling in ultra-friendly Nevis and guided bike tours from cruise ships at ports of call, to Caribbean mountain biking downhill on the Blue Mountain in Jamaica or streneuous mountain biking adventures in Costa Rica.

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Bike Nevis

Bike rental, serious mountain biking, guided bike excursions, and accompanied family cycling tours on deserted roads on the unspoiled island of Nevis
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Discover Caribbean mountain biking

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Caribbean triathlons

You’ll be amazed at the different Caribbean mountain biking and cycling experiences you can enjoy in the region. For instance, did you know that triathlons are held on a number of Caribbean islands, that mountain biking vacations can combine multi-sport activities with wildlife volunteering, or that coast to coast adventure trips not only include biking but also hiking, kayaking and whitewater rafting?

Caribbean mountain biking and family cycling destinations

Bike riding on the small island of ANGUILLA is a great way to explore – it’s a relatively flat island, everyone drives slowly, and the quality of the gently undulating roads is very good. Road bikes and mountain bikes can be hired in Anguilla, it’s inexpensive, and by bike you’ll discover back roads you can’t reach by car. Good for mountain biking because of the mainly flat terrain is ARUBA, no tiring steep hills here either. Road cycling, not such a good idea, lots of cars – but there’s good off-road mountain biking in Aruba – especially on unpaved paths on the northern coast. Headwinds mean extra effort and into the wind dust can be a problem. As well as private tailor-made guided bike tours in Aruba, you can join a variety of set routes mountain bike tours (tours from 1 to 3 hours). Bike rental companies will collect and return their customers to major hotels or to cruise ship terminals too if you’re just visiting for a day. There is also an Aruba triathlon.

In Nassau, BAHAMAS, you’ll find guided off road cycling tours and guided biking nature tours. Distance covered is around 11 miles covering the coast, mangrove creeks, woodland and open forest. Easy rides, longer or more challenging routes can be chosen. In Freeport take a guided bike tour which includes lunch, shopping, and sightseeing (it takes 4.5 hours). A triathlon is held in the Bahamas, and also in CURAÇAO – an island where you can enjoy mountain bike tours with a professional guide during which you will also learn about nature, rich culture and history of the island. There is a kid’s off-road triathlon organised too.

Choose from daily coastline and culture cycling, panoramic cross-country mountain biking, or deluxe vacation cycling packages in BARBADOS with a professional tour guide, airport meet-and-greet and hotel transfers included. In the CAYMAN ISLANDS, on GRAND CAYMAN, there’s a family-friendly guided cycling tour (flat terrain) of the West Bay peninsula (duration 3 hours). COSTA RICA is a fantastic country for serious biking adventurers where you can combine biking adventure vacations with a mix of hiking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, zip lining and wildlife volunteering. There are “women-only” biking plus activities options too. Along the Caribbean coastline of Costa Rica you’ll find a good region for mountain biking touring with dirt path roads that offer not too strenuous biking routes. For rough terrain and mountainous routes head for the Talamanca Mountains.

Cabarete, in Puerto Plata province on the north coast of the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, is an adventure playground and offers excellent mountain biking opportunities as well as loads of other activities for a real Caribbean adventure vacation. You’ll enjoy fantastic scenery and discover miles of mule trails and dirt tracks perfect for mountain biking. GRENADA – the spice island, GUADELOUPE – one of the French Caribbean islands, and ST KITTS all offer guided cycling excursions and/or mountain biking tours. Over two months in mid-winter you can take a week long bike tour with daily tours covering from 11 to 26 miles through the south coast region in JAMAICA. For a thrilling downhill cycling tour you take the Blue Mountain guided tour, but you could be one of 40 other bikers! There is another scenic Jamaica countryside biking trail in Mount Zion area.

On the friendly small island of NEVIS you can enjoy some great Caribbean mountain biking and cycling, as fun-filled as you want. Mountain biking and cycling is, in fact, one of the most popular adventure tours on the island. There are loads of tracks and trails suitable for everyone as well as quiet roads for serious ‘roadies’. This island is well equipped for leisure cyclists, families (even trail-along bikes and seats can be hired), as well as serious ‘roadies’ (the main road is quiet and well-maintained). Nevis holds a triathlon too. This is what Jane Hansom, Ladies winner of the 2013 Macca X Nevis International Triathlon thinks about biking in Nevis: “Cycling around the island is great and a good way to see the island. St James Parish is really nice to cycle through and there are 62 churches on the island, all with their own character. Cycling past those is brilliant and on a Sunday you can hear the singing. There are also loads of amazing opportunities for mountain biking in the centre of the island.”

ST LUCIA also has excellent Caribbean mountain biking trails. Everyone from beginner to advanced are catered for in trails that wind through dense rainforest jungle and up and down hills. Expect varying terrain, verdant rainforest, great scenery, well-maintained mulch-sawdust trails, natural challenges for experienced riders, basic trails for beginners, and single track intermediate level loops for advanced bikers. You’ll LOVE it. In the US VIRGIN ISLANDS (USVI) on the island of ST THOMAS hire a bike for the day and explore charming Charlotte Amalie and its outskirts or, on Water Island (a short ferry ride from St Thomas) you can enjoy easy bike rides (paved and dirt roads) with trained guides, while in the BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS (BVI) mountain biking trails go through mountainous terrain, steep roads, slopes and ghuts (river valleys). There are flat cycling routes too – on Anegada and Virgin Gorda in the BVI.

For serious biking vacations, there are occasional guided 7-day biking holidays through the diverse landscapes of the YUCATAN PENINSULA, Riviera Maya, journeying through the jungle, passing Maya archaeological sites, villages and ruins. Also for road bikers there are special scenic road bike tours in CANCUN and the RIVIERA MAYA going to places not generally visited by tourists – a great opportunity to escape cold winters and build up pre-season miles. There are also full day, three-quarter-day, and half-day mountain bike tours that offer trails perfect for beginners and intermediate bikers, great tours for all MTB levels (mountain bikes and road bikes can be rented). You can ride through lush Quintana Roo jungle, discover the underground wonders of the Yucatan Peninsula, and see Maya ruins and exotic flora. There are spectacular mountain bike trails for high-intermediate and advanced MTB too.

Other Caribbean adventures and activities

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