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Caribbean Rainforest Activities

Try ziplining, canopy rides and hiking for your Caribbean rainforest activities

This Caribbean Rainforest Activities section gives details of which Caribbean countries offer rainforest canopy rides and hiking trails, and where you can go ziplining in the Caribbean.

Explore the Caribbean’s lush rainforests

On an active holiday in the Caribbean you can participate in exciting Caribbean rainforest activities. Many Caribbean islands are blessed with vast lush rainforests to explore. Adventure activities include rainforest ziplining (jungle zip wiring), canopy rides and hiking. Serious hikers will find long distance hiking trails through the tropical rainforest of Dominica. Go to the Land Activities section for more information on mountain biking.

Caribbean rainforest activities and adventures in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great Central America country bordering the Caribbean if you’re looking for adventure activities and an active adventure vacation. In Costa Rica you can take a genteel rainforest ride on the Sky Tram gondola up through the rainforest and then return the same way, or for visiting adrenaline seekers there’s the exciting ‘express’ return route by rainforest zip wire. You’ll enjoy awe-inspiring views of the Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica’s grumbling giant which tops out at 1,643 metres.

Rainforest canopy rides

For visitors who prefer not to admire the rainforest canopy from a zipline, there are gentler options. There are sky trams in Costa Rica, open-air aerial trams in St Lucia, a chairlift in Jamaica that climbs to a height of 700ft, and a cable car that travels up 800ft in St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. Go to the Canopy Rides section for more information on less scary Caribbean rainforest activities.

Bobsled mountain experience, and mountain biking in Jamaica

Hurtle down a mountain in the Ocho Rios area of Jamaica in a bobsled – yes – a bobsled! Travel up the mountain in a ski-lift (great views) and jump into a bobsled for the journey down. For that extra shot of adrenalin, don’t use the brakes! Mountain biking down the Blue Mountain is not so hairy as you’re driven up and you ride down… no screams, just peace. This is one of the easy Caribbean rainforest activities you’ll find – fit or not.

Ziplining (jungle zip wiring) Caribbean rainforest activities

Ziplining is a popular holiday activity in the Caribbean these days; if the country has a rainforest then you’ll probably find ziplining routes stretching across them. Jamaica offers different rainforest ziplining locations, as does St Lucia and Belize. There’s also a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ zipline tour in Roatan, Honduras and a gorge in Antigua that you can criss-cross by zip lines. Go to the Ziplining section to find out where else you can experience one of these fun Caribbean rainforest activities.

Caribbean rainforest hiking

Enjoy hiking through the Caribbean rainforest, walking over suspension bridges and trekking through Caribbean nature reserves. Hiking in Caribbean rainforests offers a special attraction… lush vegetation, mesmerizing tropical sounds, exotic vegetation, waterfalls, tranquillity…

Guided hiking can also be taken up jungle-clad volcanoes – on the islands of Guadeloupe, St Kitts and Nevis for example, plus an actual active volcano in Montserrat – Soufrière Hills Volcano – which you can view from a safe distance

Trekking enthusiasts will find a challenging hiking trail on the unspoilt island of Dominica. This long distance Caribbean hiking trail meanders through thick rainforest and along mountainous ridges, and runs the whole length of the island. The trail is 115 miles long.

On the island of St Lucia, Gros Piton also presents a challenging rainforest hike in the Caribbean – you need to be fit as the mountain is steep and the exercise strenuous, but the breathtaking views of the Caribbean from the summit makes the climb worthwhile. Find out more in the Rainforest Hiking section.

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