Caribbean Rainforest Canopy Rides

Aerial trams, Caribbean rainforest canopy rides, jungle walkways

Caribbean rainforest canopy rides allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the rainforest without taking part in an extreme adventure. There are also jungle aerial trams and swaying walkways fixed high in the rainforest of the Caribbean to experience. From tame and sane to mean and extreme… there are Caribbean rainforest canopy rides and adventure activities to suit all the family and every adventurer

More often than not, visitors to the region enjoy Caribbean ziplining. But for visitors who prefer not to admire the rainforest canopy from a zipline, there are gentler options. There are sky trams in Costa Rica, open-air aerial trams in St Lucia, a chairlift in Jamaica that climbs to a height of 700ft, and a cable car that travels up 800ft in St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. As well as Caribbean rainforest canopy rides, would you believe you can also take a bobsled ride through the rainforest in Jamaica!

Caribbean rainforest canopy rides in St Lucia

Less than five miles from the St Lucia cruise ship terminal is where you can take Caribbean rainforest canopy rides in an aerial tram – it caters for small groups and is an open-air tram. Your guide on the Caribbean rainforest canopy rides in St Lucia will identify wildlife and plants as you glide through the rainforest canopy.

Unusual Caribbean rainforest canopy rides and canopy adventure in Jamaica

In Jamaica there is a chairlift that will carry you, at 700ft high, through the rainforest canopy – followed by an exhilarating bobsled ride down a 3,280ft mountain. Be prepared for twists and turns as you speed down the mountainside. These two Caribbean rainforest canopy rides are combined with a ziplining adventure tour of the rainforest.

Cable car in St Thomas, USVI

Take a cable car sky ride in St Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands, up to Paradise Point (800ft high) for fantastic views of the picturesque capital Charlotte Amalie. On a clear day some British Virgin Islands can be seen, and far beyond Puerto Rico.

Aerial tour in Panama

In Panama you can take a cable car ride at Gamboa – the aerial tour travels through the rainforest canopy where you will see exotic plants, beautiful birds and animals. You might see the howler monkey, coatimundi and sloth, and colourful birds such as parrots, motmots, trogons and toucans.

Caribbean aerial walkways

There are many aerial walkways and suspension bridges in the Caribbean, but they are usually combined with ziplining courses. However, in Costa Rica there is a sky walk which is a mix of rainforest walking trails and suspension bridges. You can walk high up in the forest canopy of bridges that span canyons and ditches. The Costa Rica sky walk lasts between two and three hours, is around a mile and a half long, and has six suspension bridges to cross – the longest being 984ft.

Magical flying beach chair – a ski-style chairlift in Roatan (Bay Islands), Honduras

If you’re on a cruise ship calling in at Roatan, you’re in luck… you can hop on a four-person ski-style chairlift from the cruise terminal to the private island Mahogany Beach.

Suspended rainforest walkways in Guadeloupe

In the Parc National de la Guadeloupe, a huge rainforest in which you’ll find La Soufriere volcano and the Chutes de Carbet (waterfalls), there are a number of hiking trails as well as an exhilarating trek on suspended walkways in the rainforest canopy – the walkways are as high as 98ft above the ground.

Dominica aerial tram

Some years ago there used to be a canopy tram ride on the island of Dominica… but no more. However, there are plenty of rainforest hiking trails – one stretches from one end of the island to the other and take several days to complete.


Caribbean rainforest canopy rides Jamaica bobsled
Bobsledding in Jamaica
Caribbean rainforest canopy rides Jamaica sky ride
Jamaica 700ft high chairlift
Caribbean rainforest canopy rides Guadeloupe aerial walkways
Guadeloupe rainforest walkways
Caribbean rainforest canopy rides St Lucia aerial tram
Rainforest aerial tram St Lucia
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