Caribbean Ziplining

Caribbean ziplining in rainforests – Jungle zip wiring in Central America

Caribbean ziplining, aka zip wiring, in Caribbean rainforests and through Central America jungle canopies is exhilarating. It is a thrilling way to explore the Caribbean rainforest canopy – whizzing from treetop to treetop on a network of zip lines.

Caribbean ziplining tips and essentials

It is essential before you book a ziplining excursion that you check the weight and height requirements with the Caribbean adventure tour operator before you go, especially if you are ziplining with children. You should also check that your travel insurance covers all the adventure activities you are planning to participate in, and only book with a reputable company. Your Caribbean hotel, destination tourist office, tour operator or cruise ship excursion representative will advise you. It would be worth checking out TripAdvisor™ too. Wear sensible shoes – trainers, hiking, or sports shoes (not flip flops) – and comfortable clothes.

These days there are so many Caribbean countries where you can go ziplining you’ll be spoilt for choice. Even the Editor of Active Caribbean, who definitely does not have a head for heights, could not resist the thrilling temptation of some of the best zip lines in the Caribbean. So, whether you are enjoying a long vacation in the Caribbean, or just making a fleeting visit to different Caribbean islands on a cruise, make sure to book a Caribbean rainforest canopy ziplining excursion – Caribbean and Central America adventure travel companies will collect you from and return you to your hotel or cruise ship, so there’s no excuse.

Caribbean ziplining when on a cruise ship – ziplines on board and at ports of call

Caribbean ziplining tours can be arranged at your port of call if you are on a cruise, at the excursions desk in your resort, or by the concierge in your hotel. However, on the very flat Caribbean islands such as Anguilla, Aruba, the Bahamas, Bonaire, the Turks & Caicos and Cayman Islands, you won’t find any ziplining as there are no hills or rainforests, and there are no longer any ziplines in Barbados. You’ll need to head for the lush hilly volcanic islands to find zipline experiences in the Caribbean but, believe it or not, you can actually go ziplining on a ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE ship – one zipline is nine decks high and apparently quite a thrilling experience!

Where to go to experience Caribbean ziplining in rainforests

Head for the lush hills (north of English Harbour) in ANTIGUA for a collection of nine zip lines (reaching a height of around 350ft above the ground): this ziplining tour in Antigua offers a 21-part experience… but be prepared for a wobbly walk over a gorge-spanning suspension bridge before you even start ziplining.

In BELIZE you have the opportunity to be encircled by the country’s amazing nature – discover tropical birds of the rainforest as well as Howler monkeys as you zipline through the rainforest canopy. You can even combine your exhilarating zip line excursion with a cave tubing adventure in Belize too. Belize is a great Caribbean adventure travel country.

Much quieter than ziplining but very similar is the canopy tour on the island of Tortola in the BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS (BVI) – suitable for anyone from age 5. During your 1-1.5 hour experience high in the Tortola hills (Johnson’s Ghut) you’ll get to enjoy great views, flora, birds and seven traverses.

Adrenalin junkies should take to the rainforest canopy above the Molinete River on a zip line course in the COSTA RICA jungle – in one location alone there are ten zip lines (14 tree platforms) ranging from 262ft to a massive 2,297ft on the aptly-named ‘Adrenaline’; the zipline course crosses the river several times too, to add a little extra thrill to the ride.

DOMINICA, already regarded as the ‘nature’ island of the Caribbean, is rapidly being recognized as a Caribbean adventure activities island too. This is undoubtedly another Caribbean destination for adrenaline seekers and adventure travel holidays, and for visitors who are looking for active or action packed vacations in the Caribbean. Dominica currently boasts the highest zip line in the southern Caribbean: it features 6 platforms with three adrenaline pumping rainforest zip lines… hang on tight if you want to take on the challenge of ziplining over the Breakfast River gorge – the cable is 810ft long and there’s a 350ft drop. Zip if you dare!

There are several ziplining options in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – half-day ziplining-only excursions, day-long adventures which include driving a beach buggy, a 6-hour tour horseback ride along a meandering river together with a ziplining experience over the river, a half-day Caribbean ziplining tour suitable for the family (height and weight restrictions apply though). There are ziplining locations in Punta Cana (eastern Dominican Republic) and Puerto Plata (north coast).

Go ziplining through the jungle treetops in the Bay Islands of HONDURAS (ROATAN) and enjoy an exciting zip wiring tour through the lush Roatan rainforest canopy – you’ll discover a zipline course with 14 platforms and 13 traverses that take you from the mountainous terrain of Roatan to a beautiful beach in West Bay. Keep your eyes open en route for Roatan’s amazing wildlife, if you’re lucky you could see bright green iguanas, spider monkeys (so named because of their long lanky arms), endangered yellow head parrots, and miniscule green humming birds.

There are a number of zipline courses in JAMAICA, so whether you are staying in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, or in the Westmoreland area, you won’t miss out on a Caribbean ziplining excursion in the rainforest canopies of Jamaica. You’ll enjoy zip lines varying in length (the Big Timba stretches 1,600ft), a vertical rappel descent here and there, and speedy zip lines over gushing waterfalls and rivers. A ziplining excursion is not to be missed on any Jamaica vacation or family adventure holiday in the Caribbean.

In the Colon province (Rio Piedra) of PANAMA there are nine lines through the jungle canopy – the longest stretches just over 738ft. If it’s your first Panama ziplining experience, don’t worry, you’ll start with an easy ride, but at 443ft long it’s still quite a thrill. Be prepared for ziplines as high as 100ft above the ground.

In the lush Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park in PUERTO RICO there is a really high zipline – more than 900ft above the ground – where you can either zip it the usual way, sitting in a harness, or if you’re brave enough ‘fly’ down the zipline head first – Superman-like. There are eight ziplines (two-line wires for extra safety), one of which is the La Bestia zipline – nearly 4,800ft long; it’s a single line zip wire and one of the longest ziplines in the world.

In a nature reserve on the French-Dutch island of Saint Martin-Sint Maarten – in the French half, SAINT MARTIN – you’ll find views over Pic Paradis and treetop ziplines mixed in with fun obstacle courses that are suitable for all ages – there’s one for the youngsters, one for grown-ups and an extreme zone for adrenalin seekers. The flat island of ANGUILLA is a short distance away from Saint Martin so if you’re staying here you don’t need to miss out on ziplining, just hop on the ferry for a very quick ferry ride to its neighbouring island and spend a day exploring the rainforest and ziplines of Saint Martin.

A short hike through the rainforest in ST LUCIA leads adventurers to another zipline adrenaline rush: encountering place names such as ‘Tarzan Swing’, ‘Eagle’s Claw’, ‘Tarantula’s Nest’ and ‘Floating Stairs’, the promise of 18 platforms plus a rappel ending, will make you realise you’re in for a big thrill on a ziplining excursion in the St Lucia rainforest. If you’re brave this is for you!

Find sky-high adventures in the rainforest on the island of ST KITTS. The rainforest is lovely, just to walk let alone zip ride, and there are five zip lines – the longest ride stretches more than 1,350ft and gets up to a height of 250ft above the ground. You might zip up to a speed as fast as 50 mph. This ziplining tour is a really popular cruise excursion from Port Zante, St Kitts. The small unspoilt island of NEVIS is a 45-minute ferry ride away so if you’re staying here, consider nipping over to St Kitts for this Caribbean ziplining experience.

On the western peninsula of TRINIDAD there is now a Caribbean ziplining course offering seven lines and great views of Macqueripe Bay, the highest zipline is around 100ft off the ground.

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