Caribbean river activities - river tubing adventures Dominica
Caribbean river activities - canyoning adventures Dominica
Caribbean river activities - kayaking adventures Bonaire
Caribbean river activities - whitewater rafting adventures Dominican Republic
Caribbean river activities - river tubing adventures Dominica
Caribbean river activities - waterfalls adventures

Caribbean River Activities

Climbing waterfalls, river tubing, kayaking mangroves, bamboo rafting and whitewater rafting are exciting Caribbean river activities and adventures

Enjoy getting wet on Caribbean river activities and adventures. Choose from river tubing in Dominica or Grenada, whitewater rafting in the Dominican Republic, a kayaking eco tour in St Croix or St Johns in the US Virgin Islands, or climbing waterfalls in Jamaica. That’s just a few Caribbean river activities and adventures that make your vacation an exciting one.

Caribbean river activities include river tubing, white water rafting adventures and bamboo rafting

There’s a lot more fun to getting wet in the Caribbean than just with rain – choose from drifting gently down a shady river on a cosy bamboo raft for two in Jamaica, spinning and swirling on a river tubing safari in Grenada or Dominica, or getting an adrenaline kick on a white water rafting adventure in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica or Panama.

Climb Caribbean waterfalls, swim in cool pools, and hike through rainforests to waterfalls

Rainy season in the Caribbean means LOTS of rain at times which adds even more excitement to Caribbean river activities. Set within lush rainforests, you’ll discover waterfalls that cascade into a clear, cold, blue pool at its base.

Many waterfalls need a bit of a trek through steamy tropical rainforests to reach so it is wise to hire a local hiking guide as rainforests are dense, river levels can change rapidly during rainy season, rocks are slippery, and water currents can be strong.

In Grenada three separate waterfalls make up Concord Falls – the most spectacular is the waterfall at Fountainbleu, but it takes around an hour’s trek to reach it. For a short 20-minute hike, head for the Seven Sisters and Honeymoon Falls. On the ‘nature island’ of Dominica, a 50ft waterfall feeds into the gorgeous Emerald Pool – easy to reach too, just a 15-20 minute trail to walk. These are Caribbean river activities and adventures to thrill. Find out more in the Waterfalls section.

La Mina Falls in the El Yunque rainforest in Puerto Rico is worth the short trek and in St Lucia you’ll enjoy the walk through the Diamond Botanical Gardens (part of Soufrière Estate) to get to the waterfall where the rocks have been tinted yellow, purple and green by the minerals in the cascading water. Then there are the Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica, a long and noisy stretch of rushing water over huge boulders – hire a guide to climb the Dunn’s River Falls, it’s fun, but avoid times favoured by cruise ship passengers.

Kayaking for your Caribbean river activities and adventures

For a tranquil, but sometimes exciting, nature experience, go river kayaking in the Caribbean. In St Lucia you can go kayaking through mangrove territory on the Fond Dor as well as a join a range of different sea-river kayak tours in both the north and south of St Lucia. Go to the Sea, Boats & Boards section to find out more about sea kayaking.

In Jamaica, along the White River, take a kayak tour through rapids and lagoons that are crystal clear; and in St Croix in the US Virgin Islands, go green, take a guided kayak eco-tour through the Salt River National Historic Park & Ecological Preserve.

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