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Thrills and spills for adrenaline junkies on Caribbean canyoning adventures

Before you sign up for a Caribbean canyoning experience make sure to check that your travel insurance covers you for this type of adventure travel.

Canyoning, also known as canyoneering in some countries, requires a mix of sporting techniques as well as a level of physical fitness to match the canyons you’ll be tackling. Canyoning includes hiking, rappelling (abseiling), free jumping, climbing, twisting, bending, floating, swimming, and scrambling up and over obstacles.

Caribbean canyoning is not dissimilar to climbing (except that generally you’ll be going down, rather than up) in that ropes, harnesses and helmets are all needed – however, in addition, specialist equipment is needed for the extreme wet environment. Expect to be wet for hours so fast drying clothing, tight fitting, would be good. Check if you can rent canyoning shoes from the Caribbean canyoning adventure company you have booked with.

Strength, skill, fitness, and knowledge, are needed for this extreme sport which does, of course, have some risks. The adventure company you use should inform you before your Caribbean canyoning adventure as to what you should expect, what to take with you – and what not to take – what clothing to put on, and what shoes to wear.

Where you can go Caribbean canyoning

Caribbean canyoning in Costa Rica

With its mountainous terrain, you’ll find canyoneering is an adventure-and-a-half in Costa Rica for both the beginner and experienced canyoneering enthusiast. Think rainforest, hiking, and huge waterfalls… highest about 200ft. Think BIG adventure and expect to be jumping into deep lagoons, rappelling down gushing waterfalls, and hiking through rainforest rivers. If that’s not a big enough adrenalin kick, you can combine your canyoning adventure with ziplining or combine canyoning and whitewater rafting.

Full day Caribbean canyoning and hiking adventure in Costa Rica

A combination of canyoning and rainforest hiking, climbing up and repelling down trees and waterfalls, taking a cooling dip in rainforest pools, plus a tour of the rainforest canopy, then swinging from height of 52ft, is included in a full-day rainforest adventure in the Puerto Viejo de Limon area.

Dominica for wild Caribbean canyoning adventures

Many refer to Dominica as the ‘nature island of the Caribbean’… seems, these days, it should very much also be considered an adventure island. Included in its long list of adventure activities is canyoning – rappelling down waterfalls, swimming in crystal cleear pools, climbing, jumping over cascades, and wading through canyons. What better way to discover the hidden depths of Dominica. All levels of experience (or none) can be catered for as well as trips for advanced and canyoneers (must be experienced).

Caribbean canyoneering in the Dominican Republic

Experienced canyoneers can get a big adrenalin kick canyoning in the Dominican Republic, in the spectacular mountains in the north of the island. One of the jumps on a full day tour is from nearly 60ft high – that’s big – but there’s a softer jump option from 49ft… or you can get to the bottom by taking a heart-stopping vertical rappel. Descending the canyons on the Baiguate River on the way to Baiguate Falls you’ll enjoy a number of crystal clear cool natural pools. The scenery is awesome in the area, you’ll be doing a lot of swimming and you’ll need to be super fit. There are other Caribbean canyoning adventures in the Dominican Republic offering many jumps and rappels – one is down a (nearly) 200ft waterfall.

Guadeloupe for your Caribbean canyoning adventure

Discover the rainforest and its tropical vegetation on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe on a Caribbean canyoning adventure. Take a half-day amateur canyoning course and experience three jumps as well as slides – expect to hike for around 45 minutes through the rainforest to get to the canyon. For more advanced canyoning enthusiasts there is a full-day canyoning adventure in the Thomas Ravine.

Caribbean canyoning experience in Martinique

There really is some serious canyoning to be enjoyed in Martinique – tours can be as short as three hours or as long as 13 hours. There are courses suitable for novices, and plenty for experienced canyoning enthusiasts, some courses within 15 minutes’ walk – others, far more technical and physical, taking up to three hours of difficult hiking to reach the location. Rivers suitable for canyoning beginners are: Abaslon, Mitan, Saut du Gendarme, and Petite Rivière Claire. Both experience and skill are needed for: L’Alma, Dumauzé, Grande Rivière, la Patte du Tigre, Rivière Céron, Rivière Claire, Rivière la Chapelle.

Caribbean canyoning in Puerto Rico

For the experienced canyoning enthusiast you can expect top class Caribbean canyoning on the island of Puerto Rico. You will need to be fit for the thrilling full day multi-activity experience available – it involves waterfalls, climbing, rappeling, rock climbing and swimming holes. Canyoning adventures take place in a remote area in the El Yunque National Forest – but you will be rewarded, after your hike to the remote canyoning location, with beautiful rainforest scenery, rivers and amazing waterfalls. Expect deep water, lots of hiking, jumping, twisting and crawling.

You can also take a canyoning adventure in and around the Tanama River, in the Central Mountain Range of Puerto Rico. You’ll hike to the Caribbean canyoning location before sliding/descending down 800ft into the river. Body rafting is next – through canyons and caverns. Enjoy some great valley views.

Other Caribbean adventures and activities

Caribbean canyoning enthusiasts who also like caving experiences, check out the Caribbean Caving & Climbing page in the Land Activities section. To discover other Caribbean adventures and activities available in different countries throughout the region, go to the Caribbean Adventure Guides section and click on the country you are interested in visiting.

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