Caribbean Rafting – Whitewater & Bamboo

Caribbean rafting includes gentle bamboo rafting and whitewater rafting & Central America extreme whitewater rafting

Caribbean whitewater rafting opportunities are few and far between due to the topography of the majority of the islands, but you will discover some Central America countries bordering the Caribbean that are whitewater rafting hotspots offering up to Class V rafting.


Rafting in the Dominican Republic

The region of Jarabacoa is the Dominican Republic adventure hotspot – it has mountains, rainforest, and three big rivers… the Baiguate, Yaque del Norte, and Jimenoa rivers. For an action-packed adventure go whitewater rafting on the Yaque del Norte River with its spectacular views, canyons and Tyson rapids.

Body rafting in Puerto Rico

You can body raft and float (with an experienced guide) down the Tanama River in the Karst Region of Puerto Rico – one of the activities included involved in a tough hiking adventure trip which passes through canyons, caves, rivers and hills.

Caribbean whitewater rafting and bamboo rafting in Jamaica

Imagine how relaxing it is to be on a 30ft-long bamboo raft which slowly glides down a shaded Caribbean river. There are two locations in Jamaica to experience this lazy bamboo rafting – on the Martha Brae River which is around 20 miles away from Montego Bay and on the Rio Grande in the Portland Parish.

Whitewater rafting in Jamaica is not extreme so this adventure is suitable for families and beginners. Suitable for anyone from the age of four years old are rainforest rafting tours on the Great River which, don’t worry, only has Grade I and II rapids. Whitewater rafting on the Rio Bueno is considered ‘soft adventure’ with Class I and Class II rapids (easy-moderate), and a river flow graded Class III (quick moving). There are Grade II and IV canyon whitewater rafting options on the Great River but you’ll have to be more than 12 years old to participate.


Whitewater rafting in Honduras

Honduras offers outstanding whitewater rafting options, some of the best in the Caribbean, but getting official information and images to promote these adventures from the Honduras Tourist Authority is impossible.

However, the Cangrejal River, very near La Ceiba port (the gateway to the Bay Islands) has a spectacular whitewater river – it flows 20 miles. Expect excellent rafting between Class II and Class IV with wave trains and some sharp drops. Other fun activities include floating down gentle rapids, jumping off rocks and whitewater swimming.

Half day, full day, and several days tours are possible when you can make the most of the beautiful rainforest, gorge and rapids. Class III and IV rafting experience necessary. Class II to Class V whitewater rafting enthusiasts can tackle the full length of the Cangrejal River – it’s a day long tour. Expect enormous boulders, plenty of adrenaline kicks, invigorating rapids, and breathtaking scenery.

Panama rafting options

There are both full day and two-day (overnight) rafting trip options from Boquete in Panama, but bear in mind that you will probably spend between two and four hours on the water. This depends on how much rain there has been which, in turn, affects the speed of the river. Whitewater rafting tours in the Chiriqui Province are also an option – there are amazing gorges, big drops, mad rapids, big waves and hidden waterfalls. The Chiriqui region offers the best whitewater rafting opportunities in Panama. For families the Esti River is good if you have young children and the Majagua River is good for beginners (and kayaking). There is also the Dolega River, the Gariche River (another one good for beginners and families), the long Caldera River rapids (Class IV), the Chiriqui River (Class III-IV) and, last but by no means least, the rainforest Chiriqui Viejo River (Class III-V) with its heart-pumping rapids.

Rafting in Costa Rica

There are some renowned Caribbean whitewater rafting on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. One day rafting adventures can be experienced as well as two-day rainforest adventures combining hiking and paddle rafting.

Views of awesome canyons and lush rainforests will accompany rafting adventures on the Pacuare River in Costa Rica – for the adventurous it’s a great way to explore the jungles of Central America. The Pacuare River flows 67 miles from the Talamanca Range to the Caribbean. The Reventazon River offers exciting long rapids and some big waves as well as less hectic rafting when the river approaches the lower Caribbean.

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