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Constant trade winds make Caribbean sailing one of the best leisure activities in the region

Constant trade winds make Caribbean sailing vacations perfect leisure activities. Sailing just can’t get much better than in the Caribbean. Charter a yacht in the Caribbean, get away from the crowds, and discover some of the best sailing in the world in the Virgin Islands, the Grenadines and around Antigua. In days gone by, the glistening sea of the Caribbean attracted pirates like bees to honey but, today, the crystalline water of the Caribbean holds a lot more pleasure and attracts leisure-seeking yachtsmen and yachtswomen by the boatload.

Where better than in the Caribbean to go sailing or cruising – it’s one of the best sailing regions in the world, blessed with constant trade winds, sunny days and the warm Caribbean Sea. Powerboating enthusiasts will discover calm seas to cruise around in the idyllic Bahamas chain of islands. The Caribbean is hard to beat with its constant trade winds, sun, and warm sea – that’s why it is so popular for sailing holidays and cruising vacations. Read more about yacht charter in the Caribbean…

Discover Caribbean sailing destinations

Caribbeean sailing boat rental yacht charter USVI
St Thomas
Caribbean sailing charter BVI, yacht charter catamaran
Caribbean sailing charter BVI
Bitter End
Caribbean sailing charter BVI
Caribbean sailing super yacht charter

Most Caribbean beachside resorts and luxury Caribbean hotels on the beach have small sailing dingies available for their guests, but we’re talking about serious sailing here, so forget the sudden desire to sail around the bay after a five-minute briefing – sailing in the Caribbean is big business… and a lot of fun.

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Chartering a yacht in the Caribbean & crewed yacht charter

It is no wonder, when the diverse Caribbean offers some of the best sailing in the world as well as constant trade winds, that you’ll find every type of boat charter that exists… from open catamarans and rib boats for fun days out and for more serious sailors, mono-hull, catamaran and motor yacht bareboat charter and crewed yacht charter, as well as luxury yacht charters for private sailing holidays or corporate sailing incentives and sailing events in the Caribbean.

Yacht Charter – Caribbean sailing in the Virgin Islands

Take a Caribbean sailing vacation or choose to charter a yacht in the region and you’ll be blessed with some of the finest yacht charter territory in the world. Take the Virgin Islands, for instance, an enticing group of small islands where the waters are not only wonderful for swimming and snorkelling, but also ideal for diving vacations in the Caribbean as well as superb for Caribbean sailing holidays and yacht charters.

The British Virgin Islands archipelago is a mecca for sailors: first time sailors also often choose the British Virgin Islands to learn how to sail – it’s a bit of a safe haven as there is always the comfort of being able to keep land in sight. Warm breezes, and welcoming coves only accessible by sea, attract up-market boating visitors and there are quality resort developments around marinas. As a popular Caribbean sailing destination, needless to say, there is also wide choice of sailing courses from couples’ private sailing courses and girls’ sailing getaways, to private family sailing courses and intensive power-cruising courses.

Caribbean sailing in the Grenadines

Sailing in the Grenadines can prove more of a challenge with its easterly trade winds, usually predictable and moderate and often brisk, but you will be rewarded with deserted hidden coves and beaches to enjoy. Choose from a number of different gateways – St Vincent, Grenada, Martinique – to the beautiful Grenadines, a chain of over 600 Caribbean islands in the Windward Islands offering myriad hidden beaches and secluded coves. The bonus of Caribbean sailing in Grenada is that the island makes a great starting post from which to explore the famous Grenadines: you’ll be within easy reach of Mustique, St Vincent, Tobago Quays, Carriacou, Union, Bequai and Canouan.

Antigua Sailing week is a spectacular Caribbean sailing event

Antigua features a beautiful scenic natural harbour and some lovely anchorages and is a great island in the Caribbean for yacht charter holidays, with or without a skipper. Antigua is blessed with an amazing maritime heritage and spectacular natural harbour, and the island’s renowned Antigua Sailing Week (April) attracts sailors from around the world – it is ranked as one of the top five regattas in the world. It is a spectacle to watch, whether you are a sailor or not. Using Antigua as your starting point, you can set sail either to the north or south – if you can drag yourself away from the beaches that is… one for every day of the year they boast! Antigua hosts one of the world’s top sailing Regattas too; it’s a spectacular sight and exciting to participate in.

Other great Caribbean sailing spots

Ile Pinel and Tintamarre, Anguilla and St Barts are little Caribbean gems just a short distance from St Martin which enjoys medium seas and good winds – a great sailing location for second-timers up the ‘yacht charter ladder’. From the French island of Guadeloupe you can sail south to Marie Galante and Iles des Saintes as well as to Dominica, known as the ‘nature island of the Caribbean’ (it has an amazing rainforest); and north to Antigua, St Kitts and Nevis.

The colour of the sea in the Bahamas is amazing and, together with lots of remote unspoilt Out Islands, is a magnet to boaters. Discover a 120-mile long chain of enchanting islands – the Abacos islands and cays of the Bahamas – paradise to boaters and sailors alike, with coves and bays and safe snug little harbours. There are the Bimini Islands for short breaks from the USA or, for longer sailing or boating breaks, head for the picturesque Paradise Island and quaint Nassau. Whether you like wild and windy or calm seas and colourful cocktails, the waters of the Caribbean are waiting.

Caribbean sailing – catamaran hire – yacht rental – rib boat hire

Whatever boat you choose to charter in the Caribbean, for however long, be it a 25ft open catamaran for a day, a rib-boat for an afternoon or a full day, a Super Yacht, or a Caribbean luxury yacht charter with skipper for two weeks, it will give you an opportunity to discover the alternative and undiscovered Caribbean.

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