Caribbean Underwater Experiences

Discover fun underwater adventures… alternatives to Scuba diving

Caribbean underwater experiences do not always mean you have to take up Scuba diving. There are some fun alternative underwater adventures for all the family.

Caribbean submarines

A fun way to see Caribbean fish and coral reefs for anyone who doesn’t like diving or snorkelling – especially young kids who are too young to dive or snorkel – is to go on a submarine excursion adventure. It’s thrilling to see the marine life up close – you’ll possibly see sharks, stingrays, maybe a sea turtle if you’re lucky. The mini submarines dive to a depth of around 140ft and you’ll see hundreds of colourful fish and different kinds of coral.

Several Caribbean destinations offer mini-submarine tours but, if you are travelling with children, do check before you book if there is a minimum height required. Destinations where you can enjoy this water Caribbean submarine experience are: ARUBA, BARBADOS, the CAYMAN ISLANDS, CURACAO, ST MARTIN and MEXICO (Isla Mujeres, Cancun & Cozumel).

Caribbean SNUBA diving underwater experience

Anyone who can swim can try a guided SNUBA adventure at a number of Caribbean destinations. SNUBA is a mix between diving and snorkelling – there is an air tank which floats on a raft on the surface of the water so there is no need for a tank on your back. So if you don’t like the thought of Scuba diving, this could be for you. If you are travelling with children, generally from the age of 8 they can try it as long as they can swim unassisted and are totally at home in the water. You should always be accompanied by a certified guide.

Places you can try SNUBA diving are – ARUBA, the BAHAMAS (Nassau Paradise Island, Bimini Island), BELIZE (San Pedro Island), CAYMAN ISLANDS (Grand Cayman), COSTA RICA (Tamarindo), JAMAICA (Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, MEXICO (Cancun), ST KITTS, ST MARTIN, ST LUCIA (Pigeon Island), TURKS & CAICOS, and the US Virgin Islands (St Thomas and St John).

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