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Caribbean Special Interests Activities

Caribbean special interests activities include Yoga, Pilates, singing, dancing, cooking, conservation and learning to sail

This is a great region for Caribbean special interests activities. You can learn how to Salsa in Cuba, sing in Barbados, and cook in Mexico, Anguilla and Jamaica. And there are more…

Salsa and singing, Yoga, Pilates, wellness and wildlife

There are opportunities to volunteer to help with Caribbean wildlife conservation, and also join Yoga, Pilates and wellness groups.

We hope that within Active Caribbean pages you will find some Caribbean special interests activities that will stimulate you. All we ask is for you to take time out from sunbathing on the beach to discover the hidden alternative active Caribbean.

Caribbean singing holidays

Love singing? Then you’ll enjoy a Caribbean singing vacation joining others on a singing holiday in Barbados where you can be coached by a renowned British vocal coach, choir director and performer… and stay in a luxury beachfront villa on the West Coast of Barbados overlooking the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

Learn how to sail in the Caribbean

Why not learn how to sail at a Caribbean sailing school – there are some RYA-approved sailing schools in the Caribbean. Go to the Sailing Courses page in this section for more information. The region is renowned for good diving sites too so if you are interested in learning how to Scuba dive check out the Sea, Boats & Boards section. Learn how to Scuba dive in Turks & Caicos, how to do stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) in Belize or kitesurfing in Aruba…

Learn to dance

There are Salsa holiday packages and dancing vacations that are offered in several Caribbean countries… in Puerto Rico, St Lucia and Trinidad for instance. You have to admit that there is something mesmerising about the foxy Salsa isn’t there. Just imagine how electric the atmosphere is in Cuba when learning how to dance the Salsa there. The music, the culture, plus Cuban professional tuition by day, and the best of Havana’s Salsa clubs by night… it’s exciting. Go to the Singing, Dancing, Music page to read more about these Caribbean special interests activities.

Caribbean cooking courses and vacations

Many hotels offer cookery tuition in their own kitchens. If you are lucky you might discover one with its own hydroponics farm where the food served is fresher than fresh. There are also independent Caribbean cookery vacations organised by cooks, and cookery courses, residential for a set number of days, or just one-day cooking courses. Check out our Foodie Caribbean page for a variety of snippets about Caribbean cuisine.

Caribbean special interests activities include wildlife conservation

There are a number of endangered species throughout the Caribbean. Happily, awareness is growing in the region as to how very important conservation project are to protect the diverse Caribbean wildlife and its fragile tropical habitat. Go to the Wildlife Conservation page in this section to find out more.

Other Caribbean adventure activities – country by country

There are many Caribbean special interests activities options in different countries, so do check out individual destinations to discover the Caribbean adventures and activities available there. Discover them in the Caribbean Adventure Guides section.

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